Central Massachusetts Green-Rainbow feedback on the ill-conceived "Remedy" proposal

At its Aug. 19, 2020 chapter meeting, Central Massachusetts Green-Rainbow chapter members consensed to provide this brief collective response regarding the “Remedy Proposal”: “This proposal should be rejected (i.e., not put on the Convention floor) because it bears no resemblance to reality as members of our chapter recall it. Furthermore, as one of the longest operating GR chapters in MA, we're concerned that any such proposal would do severe harm to the Party.” In subsequent email messages among the attendees of that meeting (inviting all additional active members of the chapter to weigh in as well), the following addendum to our response was composed (and unanimously approved) to elaborate on the position and reasoning behind our chapter’s response: “With respect to the proposal's one allegation that specifically mentions Central Massachusetts Green-Rainbow chapter actions, let us remember that the Winter 2020 State Committee proposal to remove David Rolde sought, within specified GRP bylaw provisions, to limit the political and organizational harm already being done by a reckless, undisciplined party leader whose inflammatory public statements, sometimes delusional allegations, and relentless negativity stole time and energy from important party work. Like an untreated cancer, we now see in the "Remedy" proposal to the 2020 State Convention Planning Committee what happens when such behaviors are permitted to metastasize. The appearance of this new proposal brings more political harm. Its call to censure hardworking responsible party committees amplifies negative energy. Implementation of its recommended wholesale removals could completely incapacitate the Massachusetts Green-Rainbow party.”

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