Demoulas Workers



BOSTON, MA- Today the Green-Rainbow party issued a statement of support for the Demoulas supermarket workers who are protesting the removal of the company's CEO.  Declaring that "workers deserve a voice in the workplace,"  the Party urged the Demoulas board to rehire employees who were fired because they protested the action of the board.  The GRP also urged its members to support the consumer boycott of Demoulas until the concerns of the employees are addressed.

Danny Factor,  GRP candidate for Secretary of State, expressed support for the statement, saying that "all too often, workers feel helpless when corporate boards make decisions that affect their wages, their working conditions, their safety, or even the existence of the company they are working for.  Workers are affected more than anyone else by most corporate decisions.  Workers deserve to have a voice in how the business is run.  The Demoulas board did not take seriously the concerns of its workers, and the result has been work stoppages and a customer boycott. We must stand with the workers."

M K Merelice, GRP candidate for State Auditor, added, "The success of the Demoulas supermarket chain was built upon their philosophy that workers and customers come first. The board needs to show that this business credo is still true. Firing loyal workers, who demonstrated because they saw ousted Arthur T. Demoulas as supporting good working conditions, undercuts this longtime philosophy and damages the investment made in both worker well-being and community stability."

John Andrews, co-chair of the Green-Rainbow Party added that "for 15 years our family has shopped every week at the Demoulas store in Burlington.  This week we went to Stop-and-Shop.  It's sad to have to shop elsewhere, but it's important to support the workers."


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