Boycott Gasoline - Earth Day to May Day

No Fossil Fuels. No War. No Climate Catastrophe.

Earth Day Strike 2022

for People, Planet, and Peace over Profit

As armed conflict drives us closer than ever to the brink of nuclear annihilation – we are also plunging over the cliff of climate catastrophe! Oil and gas are fueling both of these disasters.

Fossil fuels are the #1 source of greenhouse gasses destroying the climate.

Likewise, the war in Ukraine – like past and present conflicts in Yemen, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, Nigeria, Sudan and more – are driven by disputes over fossil fuels and transport routes, compounded by ethnic/religious tensions and corrupt, ruling oil elites.

Fossil fuels not only underlie these conflicts. They also power the production of weapons and the conduct of war, making the US military, for example, the world’s largest single institutional producer of greenhouse gases.


Thus, the ruling powers’ addiction to war is intrinsically connected to their oil addiction.

When War Makers and Fossil Fuelers destroy our world and our climate, We The People must respond.

Marches, rallies, and letters to Congress may help but we must hit profiteers where they feel it, in their wallets. When we reduce our demand for fossil fuels the power brokers and war makers will feel it. Let’s slow the cash flow through the economic pipeline that fuels the banks, oil barons, and war makers from Earth Day to May Day – ten days to steer our course away from war and climate crisis!

  • Use public transportation, or bike or walk where feasible.

  • For those with no alternative to driving, consider car pooling and reducing non-essential driving.

  • Demand our elected officials – from the community through the federal government – prioritize alternative transportation, from sidewalks to bike paths and public transit.

Run the war makers and oil-igarchies off the road.

Demand alternative transportation

Pledge to Join the Gas Boycott Now

Visit Earth Day Strike 2022.

I, __________________________, pledge to boycott gasoline and not fill my tank from Earth Day, April 21, 2022, until May Day, May 1, 2022, to reduce my dependence on petroleum products and join thousands of others in the Earth Day Gasoline Boycott.



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