Additions for facilitators. As requested

Under "Reports from Committees," I should like as a delegate to the National Committee, get a sense of how I should vote on choice of site for the upcoming Annual National Meeting -- the alternatives are Newark NJ and Portland OR -- the voting in the NC closes at midnight the date of out State Committee meeting.

For those who are curious, the revised text of the Ten Key Values of the GPUS appearing in the 2017 Platform of the GPUS and approved by the vote of both the NC and the PNC I'm 2016 has been made available by e-mail to the GRP discuss list together with the current version of the tex used by the G-RP.  Some of the differences may be of interest to some people, and I would happy for the opportunity of discussing these or setting up such a discussion.

I would like an approval of my continuing work in the Platform Committee of the GPUS for another year if such approval is needed.

Elie Yarden

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