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Co-sponsors: Other Name, Second Other Name,

Vetting Committees: SomethingComm, OtherComm.

Explanatory Background: blah, blah, blah,

Summary: Blah.

Financial Impact: $$XX.00(cost or benefit)

Implementation: Who will do What, When, Where & How.

Mass. Carbon Tax and Policy Forum, January 2015

Shepherd: Brian Cady briancady413>at<yahoo>dot<com

Cosponsors: Elie Yarden & Daphne Stevens

Vetting Committees: Platform

Explanatory Background:

A carbon tax by referendum was sought last year by the Committee for a Green Economy (CGE). StateComm found the proposed law flawed. By sponsoring a forum on a second carbon tax and policy proposal to Massachusetts, and supplying a panel speaker, the GRP can help shape this policy, and help Mass. avoid Australia's disasterous and unpopular carbon tax, which fell along with the government that passed it. Meanwhile, in British Columbia, a successful carbon tax remains popular and effective.

Brian Cady is exploring the possibility of a forum with Gary Rucinski, as well as with David Doucette and a few others. Gary worked on last year's MA revenue-neutral carbon tax proposals, and helped get an economic forecast of the costs and benefits of a MA carbon tax done. David Doucette has critiqued this MA carbon tax proposal study by REMI, and evaluated the popular British Columbian and unpopular Australian carbon taxes and policies, and put together interesting thoughts on what makes the B.C. one work so well. Here's a  40 minute youtube of Dave presenting on this.

Here is a presentation as a .pdf, by Dave on Carbon Taxation in MA. Here is David Doucette's comparison of Brit. Colombia and Massachusetts, and here is his critique of the Mass. carbon tax concept.

Overall StateComm had serious reservations about the MA Carbon Tax legislation proposed by Comm. for a Green Economy last year. I imagine some within GRP would have contributions to this year's discussion, and that all together we could help form an effective state carbon policy.

I picture two forum foci;
1) What should MA carbon tax or policy be?
2) How best enact such a policy?
Under 'What...', I imagine addressing:
Carbon tax or not? Why?
Revenue-neutral or not?
Is the REMI forecast useful?
Is mass. carbon release increasing or decreasing?
Have recent MA carbon price hikes reduced carbon use, like a carbon tax is expected to?
How can recent discoveries in behavioral economics help create good carbon policy in MA?
Under 'How best...' I envision:
Referendum or legislatural route?

Please feel welcome to contact me about this.

Summary:  The GRP co-sponsors a Mass. state carbon tax & policy forum the evening of Monday, Jan 5th. in Boston, in conjunction with other organizations.

Cost: To be recovered by door donations, Site/Venue $200? Outreach $200? Panelists expenses $500?

Implementation: Brian Cady will gather other organizational co-sponsors, inquire after venues/sites, seek a host/Master of Ceremonies, and a Green Party representative to serve on the forum's panel. Brian will, before any commitments are made, get approval from adcom. Brian will invite Mass. legislators and elected officials, too.


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