Fracked Gas Pipelines



We are fundamentally opposed to the two major gas pipeline expansion projects being proposed in Massachusetts:  The Algonquin fracked gas pipeline being proposed by Spectra Energy and the "Tennessee Gas Pipeline Northeast Expansion Project" proposed by Kinder Morgan Energy Partners.

Our Commonwealth is facing a dire threat from unchecked climate change caused by fossil fuel consumption.  In response, Massachusetts has set a goal of reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050.   This is not the time to approve infrastructure projects that would increase our dependence upon fossil fuels.  The proposed pipeline expansions would create infrastructure that, by their proponent's own admission, would commit us to decades of fossil fuel dependence and would strike at the heart of our emission reduction standards.  We must go in to opposite direction

We urge both Federal regulators and local communities to take steps to stop the two pipeline expansion projects and to redirect our energy infrastructure investments into green and sustainable energy projects such as conservation, wind, geothermal, hydropower, and solar power.  The trajectory of our electrical consumption should be toward 100% renewable sources, with rapidly dwindling consumption of fossil fuels.  By seriously pursuing a green energy future,  we will make pipeline expansions uneconomical and unnecessary.

We call upon Governor Patrick to withdraw his support for imposing a tariff on electricity ratepayers in order to subsidize pipeline expansion.  Pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into a project to increase our dependence on fossil fuels is blatantly inconsistent with the stated goals of the Commonwealth's energy policies. We should be making investments that allow us to phase out natural gas consumption, not increase it.

A number of communities in Massachusetts have taken steps to ban hydraulic fracturing (fracking) within their borders and the Green-Rainbow Party has supported a statewide ban due to concerns regarding the environmental contamination produced by drilling operations.  We feel it would be improper to subsidize and encourage fracking in other communities by importing more fracked gas into the Commonwealth.  We should stand in solidarity with all Americans fighting to protect their water resources from fracking pollution - just as we once asked them to support our efforts to protect our offshore sanctuaries and our beaches from offshore oil drilling.



Adopted for the Green-Rainbow Party by the Administrative Committee on May 21, 2014