Help Restore the People's Democracy in 2022

The Green-Rainbow Party is stepping up to address the needs of a broken economic and political system. It is at its peak stage of rebuilding, during very challenging times. Our candidates carry the message of a restored peoples’ democracy in today’s electoral process.

It won’t be easy.  The GRP has a demanding agenda for 2022.  We aim to run “Greens” across the board, at the state and local level.  (See the previous article:  “Looking for a Few Good Green-Rainbow Candidates in 2022”)

Ongoing fundraising efforts are not just about winning elections.  Our 2022 goals include:  winning Ranked Choice Voting in cities across the state; pushing the state Medicare4All resolution across the finish line; stopping the oil and coal barons from ripping into our natural reserves to the detriment of the climate and people’s health and building social justice in an eco-friendly world.

We can’t do this without all hands on deck!  We will need volunteers to collect signatures, to make phone calls, to stand out for Green actions, and to speak to their neighbors about a future for all.  For those that are unable to volunteer their time, monetary contributions to our state party’s fund are a great way to start getting involved. We are transparent with our budget and will make sure that every donation gets used to achieve our goals for the year.  We can't do this without your financial support.  We don’t have big donors.  We have people like you.  Please help us get off to a strong start this campaign year. With your help, we can reach our ballot goals for 2022 much more effectively and build the party of People, Planet, and Peace. 

PLEASE DONATE and also send a note to  [email protected] letting us know what volunteer role you might be able to play.

Kind Regards & Happy New Year

Mike Vaglica

Fundraising Director of the GRP-MA

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