GRP Adcom Minutes 2020-05-14

Decisions Made: 

  • Reminder David Keil (and John Blumenstiel and Paula Charbonneau?)  must be appointed by Statecom.
  • Approval of May 7, 2020 Minutes tabled for next time.
  • Minutes 2020-04-23 approved.

Attendance: Charlene DiCalogero Danny Factor Lois Gagnon, Joshua Gerloff, John Blumenstiel and Brian Cady.

Guests: David Keil, Mike Heichman, Mike Vaglica and Uchenna Carson

Quorum (4): Achieved .


David K must be appointed by Statecom.


Roles: Lois facilitate, Joshua minutes, John time.


Approve minutes:

Minutes 2020-04-23 approved.

Mike H: please send to Statecom discuss.

Approval of May 7, 2020 Minutes tabled for next time.


Approve agenda:

Please read the agenda aloud for the guests.

Danny Factor: Concerned with how #3 is worded. No prob with discussion. As long as on record, Adcom has no power regarding accreditation. No objection re that agenda item. Adcom can make a recommendation, just has no accreditation power.


Review Documents from Regional Conventions (with a view to help address the Regional Convention / Statecom issue - see documents in email following this one).

Western region review:

Charlene : Regional Conventions must document all activity of the Regional Convention. Maha and I have the docs from Western and Central. Who received invites, the text of the invites and how they were sent to GRP members. Also we need documentation of how Regional Convention attendees voted, and how attendees and candidates’ membership was certified. Was the vote by Ranked Choice (RCV) or acclamation? Regional (and state) conventions are the most democratic process other than a public ballot election. Each Regional Convention needs to make a good faith effort to invite as many people as possible to the convention that actually took place. 


Danny and I may not make any proposals or bylaw changes, per the bylaws that disallow this until Regional Conventions take place, results certified, and Proportional Reps seated. 


Danny: GRP Bylaws are completely silent on what consists of a valid convention. Low bar for what is considered a valid election. undemocratic or very democtratic. Not democratic to invalidate an election. Error? We never put rules into the bylaws. Nothing bars the appointment to appoint those elected. Western and Central. Postcards were sent to NE, Boston, Metrowest, others. Ample efforts made under the Bylaws. Concerned that Adcom recommend that only 2 Regions are approved: we want diversity, gender and region. Statecom of Western and Central is not diverse or democratic.

Joshua: No need to scrutinize each detail. Simple statement by Brian.

Charlene : We sent out documents on January 9. Adcom: Joshua sent out email Jan 7, followed by 4 docs from Charlene , Adcom talking for over a month about Regional Conventions about how and why, etc. Docs refer to the Convention Procedures approved by State Convention. We have a process that we are supposed to follow. Western Regional Convention was fortunate to meet before the stay at home order. Must inform GRP members. Must verify the accuracy of the elections.

Danny: Quick response: 1. Curious: Are these specific standards approved by Adcom vote? 2. Refer to bylaws in section 9.4. disputed that document 2012. Does that just apply to that year? Thes conv now need to adhere to these stringent standards.

John: Concern: There is not a statement of who has the authority to decide. Now it's up to some group to claim that authority. Flaw in the bylaws. Authority has not been delegated.

Charlene : Diversity: Appointing anyone besides Danny and Charlene improves diversity, and seating Western and Central would give us 3 regions rather than just the two we now have.

Joshua: Charlene  benefited from the court decision. Also simple statement from Brian.

Brian: Postcards to active voters. 7 out of the 8 regions were sent postcards (but at least some of those conventions did not happen as described on the postcard). Cost issues: only sent to active voters. Some regions went to all voters.

Charlene : You sent postcards for the North Shore, two Boston Regions and Southeast?

Brian: Yes and also, every region but Central. North Shore to active voters. Southeast, Western.

Danny: What Brian said: Don't want to penalize Western or Central because something was sent. Accolade to Brian: our treasurer is a super volunteer. Did as good a job as possible. Statecom may seat or not. Danny proposal 20 words : the rest should be seated. The outgoing Statecom feel left out?: There is room for them to be appointed.

Charlene : I believe we should review each region in turn. Questions about each. Look at each.

John: Out of time in both districts. 7:53 PM.

Uchenna Carson: Rather democracy be slow than efficient. Questions re the legitimacy of Statecom reps, down for bylaws for what counts as quorum.


Charlene : Minutes sent  to Adcom: the Western Regional Convention combined with the Pioneer Valley chapter meeting on march 8, 2020. 11 members attended. Guest speaker. Lois and Elizabeth Humphrey elected by acclamation. Jed did not run.

Charlene: Propose that the 2 people elected by the regional conv be seated.

Danny: know nothing, other than Brian about postcard going to active and not non active, no objection to western Statecom mem be seated except that they be seated by Statecom.

Joshua: only members showed up and were elected

Charlene : Propose that Adcom recommend appointing Elizabeth and Lois.

John: Amendment: “...only if everyone else is appointed.”

Danny second.

Charlene : blocking concerns to the amendment.

Brian: We do not use robert rules.

John: that we seat them at the time as other delegates are appointed.

John: the western delegates Lois and Elizabeth Humphrey be seated at the time as other delegates are appointed. <<<

Charlene : we can't entertain an amendment after the original proposal is passed??

John: concerns. 

Charlene : now john's amendment. amendment must have 2/3 maj to pass.

Roll Call vote: John y, Lois n, Charlene  n, Danny y, Brian y, Joshua y. amendment passes. 4 y, 2 n. Amendment PASSES

Brian: Danny correct: must correct concerns on the original proposal.

Charlene : Amended proposal: Adcom recommends that Western Delegates be seated, they can only be seated when all the other Delegates are seated.

Role Call Vote: John y, Lois n, Charlene  n, Danny y, Brian a, Joshua y. 3 y, 2 n, 1 a. AMENDED PROPOSAL FAILS.


Danny: Motion: Adcom recommends that all the delegates that were elected at the Regional Convention be seated by Statecom. The list is the same as the proposal sent to Statecom: includes everyone elected, includes 4 people concerned they were not in the Regional Convention, and includes Uchenna Carson.


Charlene : Statecom can only abide by bylaws. In the turn-over period of Statecom, proposals cannot be entertained. People must be elected by properly accredited Regional Conventions.  Active vs. inactive voters is a “red herring.” Looking for good faith efforts. We have been flexible. Question to all regions: Did postcards go out about a Regional Convention that was actually held?

Brian: Process: we are polarized along gender based lines. Volatile. Expand the discussion  about process and relation to each other. Gender lines decision making. Valuable to resolve a gender issue between the factions.

Danny motion on floor: Adcom recommends seating all the regions.

Charlene : The motion is the same as what failed. Ask we skip review of Central Mass Regional Convention for now.


Round Robin:

Danny: Gender and getting along. Trust and collaborate.

David K: Appreciate the chance to listen. Minutes capture what I need to explain in chapter? Need more motivation for the points of view

Joshua: Tried NE Regional Convention. Also facilitated the SE Regional Convention. Am exhausted. 

John: Echo. The crisis in this country is not getting better. Need to get going.

Charlene: Thanks to Lois for facilitating, Joshua for taking minutes, John for keeping time. Must respect people's time.

Danny: Respond: Agree that anyone we discuss in person, send to Statecom to make transparent. Respect Charlene's opinion.

Brian: All trying hard to work for the party. Sorry about the struggle. Know and trust that this will get better. No progress is unfortunate. Temporary.

Mike H: We’ve come a long way. There were flaws across the state. Trying to build the party.

Lois: Unfortunately no progress. Lets get past this and seat everyone on Statecom.


Chapter Reports: Didn't get to it.


Adjourn 830ish

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