GRP Adcom Minutes 2020-05-28

Decisions Made:​

  • 5/7/2020 and 5/14/2020 Minutes approved.
  • Joshua G and Mike V will draft a policy re Observers on listservs.
  • Mike V joins the convention committee.
  • Cochairs will issue email blast statement to forward with GPUS National Black Caucus statement re the murder of George Floyd.
  • Maha will call Heather Ford.

​Attendance: John Blumenstiel, Brian Cady, Charlene DiCalogero, Danny Factor, Lois Gagnon, Joshua Gerloff and Maha Visnu.


Quorum (4): Attained.


Guests: Mike Vaglica.


Roles: Charlene ​Facilitator. Joshua Minutes. Lois Time.


Approve ​Minutes from previous two Adcom Meetings, 5/7/20 and 5/14/20​

With no concerns, both minutes are approved by consensus.


Approve agenda:

Joshua: Add 5 min for David Gerry (Tech Committee) re: Observers and email bounces on Statecom-business/others email lists.

Agenda approved as modified.


3) Treasurer's Report

Brian: $12972 = Fed + State + Paypal.

Mike: Have not received this updated treasurer report. Based on info, do we have the statistic relevant to how many people we have lost to pandemic or unsubscribing.

Brian: Haven't noticed a decline in our monthly donations because of Covid-19. Haven't noticed unsubscribe numbers. GNU cash.

John B: Paypal comes from monthly or random? 

Danny: Chapter reps: Chapters can go to Adcom liaison to speak to treasurer on Adcom call.

4) Working Committee Report Highlights/Requests

CDLC​: Charlene: Someone wanted to run for office. ​Charlene has ​stepped down as co-chair of ​CDLC​. 



Brian: Comcom 3rd Fri eves. Haven't initiated them. Haven't heard anything.

Mike V: Hal Brown report?

Charlene: Need to call meetings.


Financial and Fundraising:

Brian: Brian and Roni Beal.



Charlene: Sent out email blast to support immigrant rights. That went out today

Brian: Barbara Clancy stepping down as cochair.

Danny: Barb considering making a statement about her disappointment in the disenfranchisement of Regional Convention voters re 2020 Statecom Proportional Delegate seating of *only* the top male and female vote getters from each regional convention. Hiatus from work with GRP aslo cochair of arvc.


MDVR: Two projects nixed for now: 1. Sending out letters to campus groups. 2. Filming and recording a script for video.


State Convention Planning

John B: Roni Beal, Joshua G, Matthew Andrews, John B, Dan Kontoff. Running on a parallel basis as it'll be a virtual meeting or actual physical. Working out the virtual credentialing/voting process. We will draft an email blast to the GRP membership as we unfold it. Lisa Savage is a potential keynote speaker.


Tech Comm:

Email overload. We've hit the 500 email per day limit. Two options: GRP upgrade our service or draft a policy that will cull the list.

Observers on the list: Need 2 or 3 people to put together a policy. Check with David Gerry before drafting something for Adcom and Statecom: Mike V and Joshua G.

Who is an observer?

Charlene: technical definition, someone who gets the emails but doesn't post to it.

Charlene: participation and technical. don't have to be on Adcom to do this work.

Charlene: what are the technical issues. dg needs. each chapter email list.need to ask non participants how they're doing.

Danny: Clear mandate: Instruct David Gerry that there will be no changes until we have a policy approved by Adcom or Statecom.


5) Recruitment additional members to Working Committees

talk to chapters. ask people to serve. send an email blast.

Mike V joins the convention committee.

Brian: ask chapters about staffing committees.

John B: each chap had A FOLDER  to show people what each com does.


6) Statement on George Floyd murder, Minneapolis, for email blast.

Charlene: GPUS National Black Caucus issued a good statement. We will forward with GRP cochairs statement.

Danny: Put in the header, no mention about how both parties are responsible. Republicans and Democrats. Tough on crime Amy Klobuchar. We should mention police brutality in Massachusetts. Talk to Mike Heichman.

Mike V: Brutality in Boston. Roxbury: Mass Action against police brutality action tomorrow re George Floyd. Mention GRP to them.

Charlene: Talk to Arthur Conquest III.


7) Review Updates (if any) Regarding Upcoming Statecom Meeting June 16.


8) Updates, Boston Regional Conventions; decisions from other Regions on the top female and male/non-binary Statecom candidates to be seated.

Joshua read the list.

Heather Ford was elected in the disputed 2020 Metro Boston Regional Covention email election but has withdrawn.

Joshua will send Heather Ford’s info to Maha.

Maha will call Heather Ford.

Danny: Re Heather Ford, have a local chapter rep be contacted, ie be in the loop.

John B will forward an email from Heather Ford to Charlene and Maha,


Round Robin:

John B good meeting.

Thank you everyone.

The meeting went well..

Charlene: appreciate everyone's cooperation.


Next meeting June 11, 2020.


Adjourn 8:24 PM

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