GRP endorses the Climate Strikes

Statement from Green-Rainbow Party of MA co-chair, Charlene DiCalogero:

“The Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts, the state’s affiliate of the Green Party of the US, is proud to endorse the Boston and Worcester Climate Strikes.

As the only national political party founded on principles of environmental and social justice and sustainability, we particularly applaud the member groups of the Worcester Climate Strike Coalition (WCSC) who decided to “pump up the volume” in the city of Worcester and the region in response to the climate emergency.

Through multiple demonstrations and actions that have already taken place this summer, and continuing through September, the 9/20/19 Youth Strike and the 9/27/19 General Strike groups will inform, educate and activate people in our region.

As part of this coalition, the GRP demands that local, state and national governments act decisively to stem the crisis within the next ten years. Together, we can insist that our public officials accelerate the conversion to 100% renewable energy, end sacrifice zones that hurt poor and Black and Brown people first and worst, and create the Green and just economy and society we need.

I warmly invite you to join the millions worldwide who will walk out of school and work on September 20th and September 27th to demand action now. And I do mean you, and everyone you can bring with you, because to change everything, we need everyone.”

For more information on the Worcester Climate Strike: .

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