GRP position candidate biographies

Jamie Guerin: I am a coalition-building, working-class, single mother and community activist who served the GRP as State Coordinator for Stein/Baraka, Western Mass Coordinator for Hawkins/Walker, Membership Director, State Committee Member, Secretary and Outreach Director for the PV Local, and goes 'sneakers to the streets' for all of our GRP candidates. Presently I am serving as the Western Mass Regional Co-Chair, and the treasurer for both our 2022 statewide candidates.
In 2018, I ran for Massachusetts State Treasurer, surpassed the vote threshold and gained us major party status securing ballot access for 2020. For the past year two years I have been on National Committee serving first as an alternate delegate and most recently as a delegate , and would be honored to serve again this year as an alternate delegate. I will represent the GRP with integrity and transparency.


Hi! I am Maureen Doyle, and i have been part of the Green-Rainbow party for about 30 years. My first stint with the GRP was in the 1990s then i moved to WY for about 5 years. When i moved back to MA (in the early 2000s), I rejoined the GRP and have been a part of it ever since. I would like to be the GRP secretary because i know that it is an important position. I have filled in a few times taking minutes at Statecom; I also take minutes for my town's agriculture commission and previously did for the landfill oversight committee, so i feel that i can do that part. Communicating with the other working groups and members is an important part of the position. I have talked to other members about the by-laws and am eager to keep them current and up to date. I will work with ad com to receive and submit information and make sure they get to the right place. Thank you for your consideration. Peace, maureen doyle


I, Brian Cady, (BS Biology, Minor Chinese UMA 2002) seek to continue to steward Green-Rainbow finances through 2022-23 because the Green-Rainbow party better represents Massachusetts citizens interests. This is since, within our party, there is better understanding of our interlinked social, economic and environmental conundrums and solutions. I hope to join a capable crew of volunteers in Green-Rainbow leadership this year, and ask for your nomination and vote for Green-Rainbow 2022-23 treasurer.

I, Mike Pascucci, am currently serving my first term as male/non-binary delegate to the GPUS National Committee, and I am seeking reelection for another term. I joined the GRP after the 2016 election to help grow a progressive party committed to putting people over profit. I since served as a chapter co-chair, an alternate StateCom member, co-facilitator of the 2020 State Convention, and was a co-founder of the Southeast Mass Regional Chapter. Over the past year I have strived to represent the GRP on the National Committee with compassion, integrity, intelligence, and a strong commitment to the oppressed and marginalized as was my promise when first elected. I would be honored for your nomination and vote to continue to serve as male/non-binary delegate.



Eileen Wheeler Sheehan: My interest in government for peace began as a child when I licked stamps for my father's group, World Federalists. In graduate school, I served as press liaison for Eugene McCarthy's presidential campaign in Massachusetts. I joined the national McCarthy campaign only to see it crushed violently at the Chicago Democratic National Convention in 1968. I learned then that the only democratic way to vote for people, planet, and peace was through third parties. On the side, I have been a feminist businesswoman and founded a small company in 1989 (my day job). I have been involved in the Green-Rainbow Party since 2016, first with the SouthCoast Green-Rainbow Chapter and recently with the Communications Committee. I have been Communications Director for over a year and am willing to continue bringing the word out to our Massachusetts voters if I am reelected.

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