GRP Pioneer Valley Chapter Report Spring 2020

Our work has consisted of standing with nurses, patients and their families in opposition to the closing of juvenile inpatient beds at Providence Behavioral Hospital. Families are going to be forced to travel to Connecticut, Vermont or Boston for inpatient care.

Parents, patients and nurses are feeling used and disappointed by the union for turning the protest into a show and campaign ad for Democratic candidates. No one spent any political capital to stop the closure yet they were all cheered and celebrated. Jamie will work on writing an op-ed with Joyce's assistance.

Many of our members have attended various student led BLM rallies throughout the valley and remain involved through various organizing groups.

We are strategizing around Ranked Choice Voting and how to educate the public about why it's a great improvement to our voting process.

We are continuing the work on our independent web based platform.

Manny Pintado suggested our chapter leave the Green- Rainbow Party and operate independently while building a new party. His suggestion was not approved by the chapter.

Submitted by Lois Gagnon, Chapter Co-Chair

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