GRP Statecom Minutes 2020-06-16 (Spring 2020 Part III)

Decisions Made:

  • GRP PNC Delegates are approved by consensus.
  • All Regional Conventions are approved by consensus.
  • All proportional representatives elected at approved Regional Conventions, plus GBC-recommended and approved other Statecom members and alternates, are seated by consensus.
  • David Spanagel will create the doodle poll for the Summer 2020 Statecom meetings, to be held over 3 dates as telecons.
  • With no concerns, Maureen Doyle is appointed to the GPUS EcoAction Committee.


Attendance: Roni Beal, Uchenna Carson, Jonathan Cook, Charlene DiCalogero, Danny Factor, Lois Gagnon, Joshua Gerloff, David Keil, David Spanagel, Linda Thompson, and Mike Vaglica.


Quorum is 6: With 10 members on the call, quorum is reached. Uchenna joins the meeting late, makes 11 members.


Guests who by the end of the meeting are appointed to Statecom: Dick Vaillette, John Andrews, Elie Yarden, Dan Kontoff and David Rolde.


Other guests: David Gerry, Brian Cady.


Assign roles: Co-facilitators: David Gerry and Roni Beal

Minutes: Joshua

Vibes: Roni

Stack: Mike V, keep track of indiv time speaking = under 2 min

Parliamentarian: Charlene


Welcome: Co-Chairs address: Have been to 3 Black Lives Matter, Movement for Black Lives, very excited. Action and solidarity.


  1. Approval of Agenda

DF: From ARVC: move item 8 to after agenda approval, become item 2. Should be the priority.

CD: Oppose. We must appoint Diversity reps.

JC: Support seating these electeds first. Should be next.

Secretary conducts roll call vote. Result = 4y,4n,2a. Motion fails. 

DG: Concerns about agenda as is?

RB : Concerned that I got the date wrong (6/19) in the title.


CD: We've already decided the agenda via the vote.

JG: No we didn't.

Secretary conducts roll call vote. Result = 6y,4n. Motion fails. 

Josh: Do we need ⅔ vote?

David Gerry: Yes.

John A: 2/3 and 3/4 votes are about rule changes. simple decisions need a simple majority.

Danny: Both motions fail. Compromise is necessary.

Charlene: Consensus process says 2/3 vote. This is disrupting the agenda itself. All business stuck because of reg conventions.

Danny: Prioritize matters. Question to JA: Is there a deadline to approve the delegate slate.

John: Yes, back in May. Our 11 delegates have been submitted and are already approved by PNC, but Statecom must approve.

DG: Could run into trouble if we don’t approve.

DF: Compromise = Move DSP Delegate approval  to number 2, and Reg Conv to 3. 

RB: Need to do #5. Is this a friendly amendment?

DF: I do not accept it as a friendly amendment.

RB: Just expressing a concern: Maureen Doyle must be appointed. But will stand aside.

DG: DF proposal with concern by Roni Beal, who stands aside. With no concerns, the agenda is approved by consensus as amended.


PNC Delegates Approval:

CD: Point system to rank delegates, points for doing work for the party, criteria for diversity, lgbtq, women,. 2 email blasts. Announced on Adcom. Extended to Feb 29, got only 11 appointees (exactly what we needed to have a full delegation). Geographic diversity, gender diversity. 2 more late applicants, they are alternates.

Jamie McLaughlin: Cochair of GBC. Studying these docs. Charlene gave herself 6 points which is the max. No women of color in the delegation. Did Dario Hunter get the most primary votes?

CD: Did not award my own points. Points are laid out in the DSP approved by Statecom. I am LGBTQ and female. Dario did get more votes. More votes went to no preference.

Jamie: Application not shared to everyone. Only GBC list once via Mike Heichman?

CD: Something about Hunter. The sheet says hunter has 1, hawkins has 2, Sedinam has 1.

DF: Sympathetic to Jamie McLaughlin, new suggestion: still accepting applications for alternates, can diversify our delegate list now.

CD: EY, jg, duney roberts, JS, JA, JPF, MA, David Keil, Charlene DiCalogero. [Missed 3 names]. [put table here.] Alternates: Darlene Elias,

David Gerry: Are there concerns re approving these delegates?

  • With no concerns expressed, the GRP PNC Delegates are approved by consensus.


​Regional Conventions:

CD: Valid regional conventions. Sending via email Western Regional Convention now.​ Let's go through each.

​DF: whatever we decide, the point we elect everyone, it should vote at the end. 2. people of good faith have interpreted the bylaws their own way. people can stand on their own standards?

DF: 2 ways: alphabetical order . random order. no concerns with appointing after. or 2. if consensus should be approved, then.

Lois: I think we approved the agenda that we would go region by region?? (Is that explicit?)

DF: Concerns with seating after.

CD: Reverse alphabetical. need to go through each region so we know what we are voting for.​

​DF motion: Delegates seated at the end after throughout review. If there are no concerns, then start with the review.

DG: DF says:"we go through eaCH reg conv and then at the end approve vs  appoint as we review and start with Western region.

Lois: DF motion confusing.

BC: Perhaps vote on each region one by one but seat after.

​DF: This was my suggestion.

David S: Approve each reg conv then seat after. Forward progress: 2 names for Western: Lois and Elizabeth. Any problems with Western conv, no then lets appoint Elizabeth.

David Rolde: People on Statecom: should be removed if regional invalidated. DF and CD elected.

DF: DF and CD elected. Agree that if Reg Conv invalidated, must be removed. 

CD: Greatly concerned. Df supporting DR idea. 11 Statecom members.

JG: Only way to kick a member off of Statecom is to vote to remove them.

DG: Last meeting, df and cd agreed to seat  people. Need to go through each region. but those sat can not be removed.

DF: proposal: accept the Western regional convention!

Linda: second the motion.

DG: Are there concerns with approving the Western Regional convention?

  • With no concerns expressed, the Western regional convention is approved.



David S: The SE Regional Convention only elected 1 State Committee member, Uchenna Carson, who is seated.

DG: Concerns with approving SE Regional?

  • With no concerns expressed, the Southeast Regional Convention is approved.


West Metropolitan: 

CD: Forwarding west, SE, Metrowest, NE, Central and Boston docs in email.

DF: BC helped us with the emails. ARVC sent out postcards and met the low bar required by the bylaws.

​CD: Bar slightly higher than they did.

DR: Elected as a Statecom member, living in the Metrowest region, cochair of GBC, overlap with GBC region. GBC posted on FB to the GBC page.

DF: Did everything we could to reach every member. Credentialing? Nothing in the bylaws that the state party has to approve the specific way credentialing was done. If there are concerns with the credentialing process, it is a local matter.

CD: 1 of the people listed in that email. Did not record their vote.​

DF: Some people didn't vote.


DR: On the call, also David Keil. Tara did not vote because she refuses to be a member.

Linda: Felt that it should be approved in general. everyone could have showed up if they wanted to.

DF: BC sent out emails. Support set standards in our bylaws. But we have passed the standard of the bylaws. 

CD: Accept the results of the West Metropolitan reg conv: results.

David Keil: David Rolde, David Keil and Linda elected.

DG: Concerns?

  • With no concerns expressed, The West Metropolitan Regional Convention is approved.



David S: Josh is seated. Let's move quickly to approve NE Reg Convention. 

DG: Concerns?

  • With no concerns expressed, the Northeast Regional Convention is approved.



David Spanagel in prep for Central Regional Convention: took email list provided by BC, emailed people 19-20th, some bounced. 152 distinct GRP emails. 1 st email date of convention and can apply to be statecom member. send a copy of voter status and/or donor status. 9 attendees. election with a runoff voting process. David Spanagel, Roni Beal, Richard Vaillette, Mark Laserte, and Karen Sargent elected at regional convention. Also CD, who was elected in presidential primary..

DF: Meets the requirements in the bylaws. was a postcard sent how many reg greens in your region.  

DS: 500 reg voters in Central. No postcard cuz so late.

DF: crazy conditions. perfect storm.

DF: 150 on email list, and 500 on voter list. only reached 100? still hits the requirement.

CD: propose approving Central mass regional convention results.

  • With no concerns expressed, the Central Regional Convention is approved.



CD: no documentation?

DF: bylaws do not require documentation. An oral presentation will suffice.

DR: EMail that BC , afterwards realized some GRP members were not reached.

BC: I invited people to nominate themselves. collected those nominations. emailed out to the boston conv reg names in nb, didn't reach some people because there were duplicates in nation builder. Their city and town didn't correspond . Sent out to the email list a ranked choice voting form.

DG: Almost finished? motion to extend?

DF: motion to extend: need more time. also proposal to approve the slate as we've heard from the boston chapter which includes those who wanted to run and had concerns. Another adcom call bc said, the flaws in the email database were also sent out to other regions.

DF: motion to approve the slate.

(10 minutes time extension approved by consensus.)

CD: Point of order: bylaws require minutes.

JG: it's fully documented.

df: 5.5 has nothing to do with a reg conv validity. minutes must be recorded every Statecom, Adcom and Annual Convention. Not Reg Conv. Remedy is requesting the minutes. Can't invalidate. good faith.

Jonathan cook: df accurate. but also gbc voted to seat everyone.

ey: over 700 GRP members many of them active in the region and below the age of 60, who are not represented at all. explains disparity and lack of diversity. Boston has the largest african american region. largest region. people known to me who have not been represented. they are extremely active.

Dan Kontoff: No regional convention. so...

David Spanagel: Question: Is it the case that GBC is still considering holding another Regional Convention, so we can expect more women? 2 males from Boston. of positions left, how many men are we talking about?

DR: One woman was elected. Jamie M wants to be alternate. 4 additional men as alternates. GBC subcommittee to hold another regional convention.

DR: 6 men as full delegates and 4 men as alternate delegates. diversity: disabilities. At least 2 who identify as having a disability, possibly more of all men we wish to appoint.

DF: Approve the 2 boston reg conventions including the 5 men, 4 male alternate and 1 female alternate slate as stated by GBC.

 dr: MV, JC, + JA, MA, DG, DK +EY, ACIII, JM, and RW. Remove DG from this list.

Linda: MA?

Dr: yes and JA.

DG: concerns?

CD: No minutes, but DF argument. GBC has said no reg conv was held. No reg Convention in Boston. 

DF: Met the definition of Reg Conv. No difference with telecon. All who wanted to be Statecom rep. Everyone was voted in and credentialled. that meets the requirement.

Linda: concern: yall confusing me! Some members saying convention, some no.

DR: don't live in the Boston region. GBC is in this region and came up with an attempt to rectify.

DG: Concerns? None.

  • With no concerns expressed, the Boston Regional Convention is approved.


DG: concern with final approval of all approved proportional reps?

MV: proportional reps but gender diversity? 

dg: proportional refers to # of grp in the state by region.

Dg: Are there concerns with approving these proportional reps? No concerns.

  • All proportional representatives elected at approved Regional Conventions, plus GBC-recommended and approved other Statecom members and alternates, are seated by consensus.


David Spanagel will create the doodle poll for the next Statecom meeting.


Lois and Charlene leave the meeting.


Approve Maureen Doyle to GPUS EcoAction Committee

  • With no concerns, Maureen Doyle is appointed to the GPUS EcoAction Committee.


Appointment of chapter reps to Adcom: John Blumenstiel, David Keil and Paula Charboneu. Concerns?

David Rolde: Concerned about metrowest, ideological split. Excluding DR.

David Keil to rep Metrowest.

DF: Chapters are approved by adcom.

Df: Concern about Paula Charboneu? GRP? Does Uchenna know? My concern of chapter approval is that Metrowest doesn't include the towns in between. They included Newton, so they skipped Weston: an ideological chapter.

DF: Motion: approve david keil contingent on inclusion of Weston in their chapter.

Linda: Accept DF concern, has been a relationship without work and Natick, Newton and Framingham. The UU church is in Newton. Chapters decide their own area.

DF: John Blumenstiel? Doing a great job.


Everyone agrees: It’s getting late...


Adjourn 8:53 PM

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