GRP Calls for Universal Single-payer Health Care

"With gubernatorial candidate Don Berwick no longer on the ballot, the Green-Rainbow candidates are left as the only statewide candidates that clearly support single-payer health care" according to Danny Factor, GRP candidate for Secretary of State.

Factor joined with fellow Green-Rainbow candidates Ian Jackson (for Treasurer) and M K Merelice (for State Auditor) to reaffirm their commitment to the concept of universal single-payer health care - also called "Enhanced Medicare for All" - which they called the "proven solution that would provide affordable health care for all the residents of our Commonwealth".

"Health care is a human right" says Danny Factor, candidate for Secretary of State. "It is a key component of the Economic Bill of Rights that we want to extend to every resident of our state."

"Protecting and nurturing the human resources of our Commonwealth should be the goal of everyone who holds public office" said M K Merelice, candidate for State Auditor.  "Inadequate and unaffordable health care results in a tremendous waste of human potential.  We cannot afford to limp along with our current patchwork system in which people continue to fall through the cracks and to be overcharged for needed services."

"We can cover everyone while eliminating the enormous paperwork costs needed to service the private insurance industry" said Ian Jackson, candidate for State Treasurer.  "Let's learn from the success in Canada, France, and many other nations in Europe where single-payer systems provide everyone with  health insurance at a fraction of the cost that Americans are paying to support our flawed, profit-driven system."

The Green-Rainbow Party has long advocated for universal single-payer coverage, and so has the national Green Party.  See statements below.


Green-Rainbow Party

Statement on Health Care (2007)

  • The Green-Rainbow Party reaffirms our commitment to single-payer health care reform that provides universal, quality, affordable coverage.  The single payer system envisioned for Massachusetts would be analogous to the current Medicare system, where insurance is provided by government, but health care itself is provided by independent practitioners.  Single payer health care can be viewed as Medicare that is extended to cover people of all ages.
  • The Green-Rainbow Party urges continued support for the passage of the Mass. Health Care Trust, which would bring a single payer system into being in Massachusetts.
  • The Green-Rainbow Party affirms that reform of health care financing must also be accompanied by health care reforms that allow for a more comprehensive, integral approach to health. The current emphasis on pharmacologic and technologic treatments must be expanded to include needed public health and preventive medicine practices – including a focus on nutrition; exercise; social supports; substance abuse prevention and treatment; prevention of toxic exposures in air, water, food, and consumer products; violence prevention; occupational safety; home and community-based care; holistic health care, culturally sensitive health care practices and delivery, and more. The spectrum of coverage must also be broadened to include mental health, eye and dental care. This kind of comprehensive approach to health care can prevent disease from taking root in the first place – and is worth its weight in gold for the savings of health, lives and dollars.


The Green Party US Supports Single-payer

(2012 Platform)

"The Green Party supports single-payer universal health care and preventive care for all. We believe that health care is a right, not a privilege."

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