Identify one or two functions and actions

Title: Identify one or two functions and actions

Sponsors:  Merelice, Claribel Santiago, Andrew McLeod, Isabel Espinal

Contact info: [email protected]

To be vetted by: strategy working committee


The GRP has had more success asking for volunteers for a specific function or a specific action than for joining a working committee or an initiative committee. Yet, without active working and initiative committees, needed functions and actions are either neglected or implemented by adcom.


If each Working Committee and Initiative Committee identified one or two specific functions or actions and recruited volunteers accordingly, the committees might be more successful in gradually growing their numbers.


Each Working Committee and Initiative Committee is asked to identify one or two specific functions and actions, and prepare volunteer recruitment announcements accordingly. One goal will be to broaden committee volunteers significantly beyond State Committee members.


The Administrative Committee will identify a State Committee member who has volunteered for a working committee or initiative committee to coordinate this effort in each committee. Assuming the Strategy Plan Working Group continues, that group will help AdCom set priorities consistent with the volunteer resources available. The Communications Committee will advise on ways to best distribute volunteer recruitment announcements and the Membership Committee will prepare to respond in a timely way by assigning volunteers to their indicated interest.

Budget impact: None

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  • Mike Heichman
    commented 2012-01-08 13:39:00 -0500
    Dear Merelice, Claribel, Andrew and Isabel:

    Thank you for submitting this proposal. Please add me as a co-sponsor.

    I would like to see how this will work out in practice. If successful, this process might be added to other things our party decides to work.

    Mike Heichman