2012 Presidential Campaign in Massachusetts

Title: 2012 Presidential Campaign in Massachusetts

Sponsors: John Andrews (manager),  Isabel Espinal, Shirley Kressel, Mike Heichman

Contact info[email protected], Tel. 781-862-6498

Working Committee or Committees: Sent to CDLC, Membership.


1) Urgent national and international issues will be driving the political dialogue in America in 2012, and our party will be judged by whether it is engaged in this dialogue.  The Presidential campaign is one of the most visible and clear ways in which we can engage with these issues.

2) The voice of our party is badly needed in the debate over the critical issues that the people of America will be deciding when they vote for President in 2012.

3)  The presidential nominee of our party is likely to be Jill Stein,  a candidate with extensive connections with the Green-Rainbow Party and Massachusetts.  This presents a unique opportunity for activating Massachusetts GRP voters that was not present in prior presidential campaigns.

Summary: This proposal encourages GRP members to make good use of the 2012 presidential campaign to advance the party.


The Green-Rainbow Party encourages its members to use the 2012 presidential campaign to recruit party volunteers, increase GRP voter enrollment,  increase our donor database,  strengthen support for local GRP candidates, recruit new local candidates, and preserve our party's ballot status.  Unenrolled voters should be encouraged to take a Green-Rainbow ballot in the March 6 presidential primary.

Budget Impact: No funding is required.  In the long run, donors recruited by the presidential campaign should strengthen our fundraising and have a positive impact on the budget.

Implementation: The actions that may be taken in support of this proposal may involve any member of the party, depending upon their motivations and willingness to get involved. 

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