Management of the GRP Candidate's Fund

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VETTING COMMITTEES:  This proposal has been vetted by the Candidate Development and Legal Committee.

SUMMARY: This proposal establishes revised procedures for managing the GRP Candidate's Fund. The intention is to implement more practical procedures in which the essential tasks for managing the fund are clearly assigned.


In 2009 a Candidates' Fund was established through a joint agreement between the Administrative Committee (AdCom) and the Candidate Development and Legal Committee (CDLC).  This agreement (documented in CDLC Document C008 and in a proposal passed by AdCom) established a Candidate's Fund and specified procedures by which the party would provide financial and other assistance to candidates.  Since then the people on AdCom and CDLC have changed and some of the procedures have fallen into disuse. We have also learned some things that would lead us to revise the procedures, eliminating unused provisions.  This is being submitted as a StateCom proposal because using an agreement between AdCom and CDLC does not provide stable and well-documented authority for managing the Candidate's Fund.


1) The attached document C008A is hereby adopted to define the procedures by which the Green-Rainbow Party will administer a Candidate's Fund.  It replaces the former agreement embodied in document C008.


CDLC will add this document to its document collection as document C008a.  CDLC will update its guidance to candidates to track the changes in procedures. The Treasurer will make the required revisions to the GRP bookkeeping system.


This proposal does not appropriate any funds.  AdCom will determine the amount of money, if any, to be transferred from the general state fund category into the Candidate's Fund category.  In addition, voluntary designated donations will be accepted.

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Document C008a

Management of the GRP Candidate’s Fund

The GRP Candidate’s Fund is a special reserve fund created by bookkeeping entry within the GRP’s general fund.   Procedures for its creation and use are defined below.

1. Purpose and Scope

1.1 The GRP Candidate’s Fund is a special funding mechanism for the purpose of advancing the electoral capabilities of the Green-Rainbow Party and its candidates.  The Fund shall make disbursements to provide direct aid to individual GRP candidates, to assist slates of GRP candidates, or to strengthen the general electoral capabilities of the GRP.

1.2 The GRP Candidates Fund will be used solely for state and local races.  Hence, its funds will be held within GRP bank account established for state level purposes.  On those rare occasions in which the GRP wishes to donate to a federal level campaign, a separate process will be employed that allows AdCom to make a disbursement from the party's federal account.

2.  Money Management and Reporting

2.1 The Treasurer shall create a segregated Candidate's Fund as a clearly identified bookkeeping reserve within the overall GRP bookkeeping system.  No disbursements shall be made from this fund except through the procedures defined in this document.

2.2 The Treasurer shall enter into this fund all donations received that are accompanied by an annotation or instruction stating that the donation is intended to support the Candidate's Fund.

2.3 A designation of general funds to be deposited into the Candidate's Fund shall be part of the GRP annual budget.  The amount is to be determined through the usual budgetary process.

2.4 AdCom may, at its discretion, transfer additional money from the general state fund into the Candidate's Fund.

2.5  CDLC shall work with the Fundraising Director or AdCom to solicit individual donations that will be designated for the Candidate's Fund.  An option for making such a donation will be included, where appropriate, in general party fundraising appeals.

2.6 The Treasurer shall write checks drawn from the Candidate's Fund when authorized by CDLC and when so instructed by the CDLC co-chairs.

2.7 The Treasurer shall report the total amount in the Candidate's Fund as part of the routine Treasurer's report.  The Treasurer shall provide an update on the amount in the Candidate's Fund to the CDLC co-chairs upon request.

2.8 Funds in the Candidate's Fund that are deemed to be in excess of current and anticipated needs may be transferred to the general funds of the party upon concurrence of both CDLC and AdCom.

3.  Eligibility and Allocation of Funds Among Campaigns

3.1  A candidate is eligible to receive a donation from the Candidate's Fund if

      - They are running for a state or local office (not a federal office)

      - They are a member of the Green-Rainbow Party (by virtue of either being registered "J" or being registered "U" and paying dues to the GRP)

      - They have been endorsed by State Committee OR they have received the party nomination as result of a primary process.

3.2 CDLC shall determine the schedule for disbursements and may make donations in several increments during the campaign.  However CDLC shall generally try to expedite the award of funds since early money is most valuable to campaigns.

3.3 It is not necessary for a candidate to submit any request in order to be considered for an award of funds.  However candidates should provide CDLC with any information that is requested to help CDLC better assess the needs and capabilities of the campaign.

3.4 In determining the amount of the disbursements to a particular campaigns, CDLC shall consider total funds available and consider the relative priorities of all GRP campaigns including campaigns not yet announced. In prioritization, CDLC shall consider factors that influence the ability of a donation from the Candidate's Fund to increase the electoral capabilities of the GRP.  Among such factors are the extent to which the candidate

•  is attracting new volunteers and new donors or is enrolling new GRP voters.

•  has support of local GRP members, including the endorsement of any local chapter2

•  is strengthening the local GRP chapter (if any)

•  appears to have a long term commitment to building the GRP

•  is registered GRP and is providing visibility to the GRP as he/she campaigns.

•  can actually win the race or can win a significant percentage of the vote.

•  is likely to use the success of the current campaign to run again in the future

3.5 CDLC may also consider the extent to which the candidate's campaign is organized to make good use of donations, the size of the district within which the candidate is running, and the amount of money the candidate is raising through their own fundraising efforts.

3.6 CDLC shall coordinate with any other GRP-affiliated PACs or town/ward committees to ensure that the aggregate amount donated to any one campaign does not exceed any legal limits specified in campaign finance laws.  Currently (in 2017) the GRP is classified as a political designation (not a party) and the aggregate limit is $500.  The working assumption of the party is that any PAC created by a GRP chapter must be treated as an affiliated PAC and not as an independent PAC. CDLC shall provide the GRP Treasurer and the candidates with any information that is required for them to complete legally required finance reports.  Local GRP Chapters that create PACs shall provide CDLC with the contact information of an individual who will coordinate with CDLC in these matters. 

3.7  CDLC may decide to keep a certain amount in the Candidate's Fund in anticipation of future needs.

3.8 CDLC may make disbursements that do not go directly to candidate's campaign committee, such as disbursements for multi-candidate advertising, voter ID databases, or polling.

 4.  Miscellaneous Provisions

4.1 Both AdCom and CDLC are instructed to exercise due diligence in making sure that the operation of the Candidate's Fund is in compliance with all applicable state and federal campaign finance laws.

4.2 The procedures contained in this document may be revised upon joint concurrence of both AdCom and CDLC based on an official vote of each entity.  Any such revisions shall be reported promptly to StateCom and shall be subject to reversal or further revision by StateCom.


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