GPUS Animal Rights Committee

GPUS Animal Rights Committee (ARC) submitted 3 platform proposals this year:

Section III: Ecological Sustainability

Section K. 10: Abolish Zoos Sponsored by Animal Rights Committee

Section K. 11: Captivity of Cetaceans Sponsored by Animal Rights Committee

Section K. 12: Plant Based Diet Sponsored by Animal Rights Committee

We mainly discuss animal rights issues as they appear in the news and as members legislative efforts. ARC Co-chair Craig Seeman is an animal rights legislative powerhouse. He successfully passed the Plant Based Diet platform amendment to GPNY, which we then approved as a platform proposal to GPUS.

Are you interested in serving on the GPUS Animal Rights Committee?

If you would like to serve the GRP as appointee to this or any GPUS Committee, please email [email protected] with a statement of interest. You will be emailed a form to fill out, which must be submitted at least 2 weeks before the next GRP Statecom.

Respectfully submitted by Joshua Gerloff

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