North Shore Chapter

Officers: Joshua Gerloff, Male Co-chair and Bonnie Caracciolo, Female Co-chair.

Participation: Joshua Gerloff also serves as the GRP Secretary, on GRP committees (Adcom, Statecom, Membership Diversity and Volunteer Recruitment, Renaming Working Group) and as GRP Appointee to the GPUS Animal Rights Committee.

The North Shore Chapter has met twice. Our secretary, Hal Brown, moved away. Average attendance is still typically 3 members, while some other members participate via email.

Members are supportive of Chelsea Uniting against the War (CUAW), assisting in their events, attending meetings and fundraisers. CUAW is a very active and successful counter recruitment group in Chelsea, MA, who have been active for 15 years. Co-chair Bonnie organized a meeting between CUAW and another group Merrimac Valley People for Peace (MVPP), an aging counter recruitment group which has been active since the early 1980s. We intent to start a counter recruitment campaign in Haverhill High School.

Chapter members also assist Food for Activists Daniel Kontoff twice a month distributing food and warm clothing to Boston's homeless.

Co-chair Joshua leads a vegan plant-based cooking group, Ipswich Veggie Table, which is clasified as an adult education group at the Ipswich Council on Aging. There attendees learn that the consumption of animals and their bodily secretions is unnecessary and bad for human health, that a plant-based lifestyle prevents, treats and reverses the top killer diseases of people who consume the Standard American Diet, and also how to prepare delicious vegan plant-based food.

Our priorities (passions) are anti-war, feeding the homeless and non-violence to all sentient beings.

We typically meet the second Tuesday of the month at one of the Beverly libraries.

Here is our Facebook page:

If you would like to learn more about our work and/or attend meetings, message us there.

Respectfully submitted by Joshua Gerloff

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