Jill Stein invites you to Portland


Dear friends,


Please join me in building the Green resistance in Portland, ME on Sat., January 26!

Say a resounding NO to the New England tar sands pipeline and the political parties that enable it! And say a powerful YES to green energy, green jobs and green politics that can save the planet and the economy.

Greens from across New England will meet up at the Portland Public Library on Monument Square in Portland at 11:30 to gather for the march, as part of the rally to stop the pipeline. Let's have as big and visible a Green Party presence as possible. Greens have been leading the climate fight for decades. We deserve to be heard. Green energy needs green politics!

Bring green flags, banners, signs, drums and voter registration cards.

Some themes to consider for your signs:

Stop the Pipeline, Vote Green!

Green Energy, Green Jobs, Green Politics!

Stop Politicians who enable Pipelines!

Biggest climate threat: Corporate $$$$,

Civil disobedience in the voting booth!

Green Energy needs Green Politics!

Please spread the word and bring a carload of friends.

For more information go to http://www.green-rainbow.org/tar_sands_pipeline_20130121?recruiter_id=365 or  http://350newengland.org/2013/01/tar-sands-free-northeast-actions/

For information on bus and car pool transportation, go to http://350newengland.org/2013/01/tar-sands-free-northeast-actions/

Come make some friends. Make some noise. Build the Green resistance. Save the planet.

I hope to see you there!


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