Commentary: Occupy America

I wondered when it would happen.  But I knew it had to happen.  Finally, the people are rising up.  Finally, they see that they cannot look to either the Democrats or the Republicans to care about them.  There will be no justice, no peace, no fairly shared prosperity, until politicians can be held accountable. And without a choice at the ballot box, politicians can make promises first, excuses later, and abandon us with impunity.  They know we have nowhere else to turn. It is time for a third party. High time. But fearful of being "spoilers," people cling to their unsatisfactory mainstream Republicrat options election after election, and the cycle produces worse results each time. Continue reading

Announcement: Mass Alliance Endorsement

  Breaking News from the Mark Miller Campaign! Mark Miller, Green-Rainbow party candidate for State Representative in the 3rd Berkshire District, has received the endorsement of the Mass Alliance, the foremost coalition of progressive organizations in Massachusetts. Mass Alliance coalition members include economic and social justice, labor, immigrant, environmental, womens, GLBT and progressive Democratic organizations. This is Mass Alliance's first ever endorsement for a Green-Rainbow candidate. If ever there was a sign that the political landscape is changing, this is it. With endorsements from the UAW, Mass Nurses Association, and the Mass Alliance, it's clear that Mark Miller is breaking the Beacon Hill sound barrier, and his message - our message - is getting heard.Now each one of us can make the difference in this game-changing special election Tuesday Oct. 18. Read more to find out how.  Continue reading