JP Lowenthal Announces Exploration for Run in MA District Seven

Green-Rainbow Party member and Randolph businessman JP Lowenthal announced today to the Green-Rainbow Party State Committee the formation of an exploratory committee for a potential run in Massachusetts District Seven.

Following is a transcript of JP Lowenthal's statement at the Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party's Winter State Committee Meeting, 10:10 am, Saturday, January 11, 2014


As we prepare to celebrate the International Olympic Games, the final images broadcast from our United States tell the story of the partisanship and dysfunction that has come to dominate our political landscape.  Unfortunately, leaders more intent on knocking their enemies down than building their neighbors up no longer come as any surprise.

A retired Defense Secretary’s upcoming memoir, chock-full of juicy insubordination against his superiors; a moderate governor with presidential aspirations choking the people’s right to interstate commerce to settle his own personal enmities...

Let us take pause to reflect upon this generation of armchair political warriors that we’ve come to know in this decade of endless, merciless war and strife, these boardroom bullies who will only escape judgment in this space because no more capital, neither time nor money, should be misspent on shapeless, endless quarrels that crater our world with fire and echo violence through the vacuum and peace of God’s universe.

This week also marked five decades since the government declared a war on poverty – a noble declaration, indeed; and despite the multitude of warriors we have come to know, we have not been introduced to any General that we can hold responsible for the failure, we have not been introduced to any man we can hold accountable for this abysmal failure to successfully execute a plan to keep middle class wages growing at a rate that is comparable to the prosperity experienced by the financially elite.

There is no longer a question about the efficacy and effort thus far afforded to this fight; poverty and the current income inequality that plague America’s neighborhoods are our most embarrassing national failures and if we do not finally begin this fight this election cycle - if we fail to overcome this hurdle during this present generation – it will finally be clear to all the world that gridlock has prevailed in America, and that we are not the society that we advertise ourselves to be abroad.

It is with these thoughts in mind – that America needs an alternative to the bipartisan dysfunction in Washington -- an alternative to the vanilla and the really vanilla – that we contemplate an Independent challenge to Congressman Capuano in Massachusetts District 7.

This may be our single chance to break the stranglehold of the two-headed, one-party system that has paralyzed Washington and crippled America for nearly a generation.

Our government’s been hijacked by a two-headed beast and it is time to slay this dragon - this blue and red leviathan that clings to power like wet garbage sticks to the road.

We have to win this election because a chance like this may not arise again for yet another generation.

Throughout history, there has never been a path to prosperity that was paved with waste and hate.  We can no longer remain idle while this new political class – this class of “Hillionaires,” as I call them – continues to campaign for their own sake, lining their pockets with “free speech.”

The American people deserve a government that listens to them, that places their interests first, that stands solidly for democratic empowerment of the people, that does not sacrifice the poor or the elderly or its students to exploitation or oblivion; a government that is their defense against the insiders and schemers actively engaged in stealing their money and their rights.  We must - FINALLY - send a true outsider to Washington because it is nearly too late.

Massachusetts District Seven is the cradle of Liberty and Democracy.  It is the territory once dominated by the original Sons of Liberty, the home of the Original Tea Party, the city of countless champions, Champions of Sports and Politics. Champions of abolitionism and civil rights.

And over the course of American history, it is our Boston neighborhoods that have lead the nation on progressive issues time and again, since we first demanded: No Taxation Without Representation!

Right now is the time for Massachusetts Seventh Congressional District to elect the first of a new wave of Independent Candidates to American National Politics, a generation of leaders no longer beholden to their well-moneyed Wall Street masters.

This district has done it countless times before and this district is going to teach America about democracy again.  A revolution in American politics has begun anew, and to no one’s surprise – once again it has begun in Boston.

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