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CHANGE OF PLANS! Due to weather conditions, Greater Boston Chapter will meet by phone on Tuesday February 10 from 7 until 9 pm. While we will loose out in terms of personal contact, a phone conference will be a lot more safe and convenient. 

Free Conference Call:
Conference Dial-in Number:
(712) 432-9998
Participant Access Code: 525338#

The informal chat will begin at 6:45. The meeting will start on time at 7 PM. Please join us by phone.

Please contact our chapter if due to a disability you require an accommodation to attend this meeting.


Major Topic: Continue our Discussion: What should be the work (electoral, issues, outreach, etc.) of our chapter for 2015?

I. Introductions (7-7:05)

II. Select a Facilitator, Recorder and Timekeeper for the meeting (7:05-7:10)

III. Approve Minutes of 1/26/15 meeting (See below.) (7:10-7:15)

IV. Approve the Agenda (7:15-7:20)

V. Continued Discussion-What should be the work (electoral and issues) of our chapter for 2015? (7:20-8:10)

(Note #1: Since our last meeting, Merelice has decided to run for Brookline Selectperson. She will be joining us at our meeting. Additionally, Jill Stein has established an Exploratory Committee and is exploring a run for the Green Party’s nomination for President.)

(Note #2: If anyone has a proposal, even if you will be unable to attend our next meeting, please send your ideas by email as soon as you can and let’s discuss them by email. )

VI. Continued outreach discussion-what are the major events that we will be tabling? (We have already decided that Gay Pride on 6/13 would be a major priority. At our last meeting, we endorsed and tabled at the MA Peace Action Annual Meeting on 2/07—thanks to Brian, Wes, Jonathan and myself for attending.) Other possible events include the St. Patrick Day’s March, Greenfest and others.) (8:10-8:30)

VII. Election of Officers (8:30-8:45)

From the GBC By-Laws:  Article V: Officers, Responsibilities & Committees

A. Strong efforts will be made to encourage diversity in the selection of officers.

B. Officers will include: Female and Male Co-Chairs, Treasurer, Secretary, or combination thereof, Any other officers the chapter chooses to select

C. The duties and responsibilities of each officer will be determined before the election.

D. Efforts will be made to rotate tasks (facilitators of the meetings, recorders, timekeepers, etc.).

E. Length of term, not to exceed one year, will be determined for each office before the election. Officers may be elected for two consecutive terms.

F. Officers can be recalled at any meeting, following giving the officer an opportunity to respond in executive session to concerns or charges. A vote of at least 2/3rds is necessary to remove an officer.

VIII. Next Meeting(s)  (8:45-8:50)

(Note: At our last meeting, we decided to meet on the 2nd Tuesdays of the month.)

IX. Evaluation of the Meeting (Strengths and Ways to Improve) (8:50-9:00)

(Note for Future Meeting: We should discuss the decision of the StateCom to make the accessibility of meetings more accessible.)


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