Indexing Standing Rules

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  • Elie Yarden
    commented 2017-12-23 21:15:26 -0500
    I am happy to co-sponsor the above. We had all this and our history as well before we put ourselves in the hands of Nation-Builder. If this is a party that has to wipe up after itself, it does not have to be done for us.
  • Elie Yarden
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  • Matthew Andrews
    commented 2017-12-23 21:01:14 -0500
    TITLE: Indexing Standing Rules

    SPONSORS: Matthew Andrews


    FLOOR MANAGER: Matthew Andrews

    SHEPHERD: Matthew Andrews (proposed)

    SUMMARY: All rules that apply to the Green Rainbow Party should be compiled in a single place online with an index of links so that they can be quickly found.

    BACKGROUND: In order to make the GRP more accessible to new members, one top priority should be indexing any resolutions that currently apply to our political perspective or operations. Currently, many of these resolutions only exist in the minutes of past meetings.  There’s no way to know what exists or where to find things.  Members with many years of experience may remember these resolutions passing at meetings and can refer to them. But depending on the memory of a few senior members is neither reliable or democratic. Newer members are beholden to the experience and knowledge of veteran members without knowing what came before.

    TEXT OF PROPOSAL: The Standing Rules page on the website, which currently only lists rules that apply to StateCom, shall be expanded to list all rules and resolutions that apply to the GRP today.  A committee made up of the secretary and several veteran members who know what resolutions exist in the minutes of past meetings will compile a list.  This committee will be tasked with organizing these resolutions in an intuitive way, mark the date when they were passed (and expire, if applicable), and add explanatory sub-titles if deemed necessary for clarity. Then the webmaster or designee of the Tech Committee will post each resolution individually on its own page, and link to them from the Standing Rules page,

    The links will be formatted in an orderly manner, like a bibliography. Text must be formatted in a way that is easy to read.

    Going forward, the Secretary will be required to submit the final text of additional resolutions, or amendments to existing rules, to these pages after each StateCom meeting.

    Furthermore, the bylaws and standing rules should be linked to from the page

    Rules that refer to other rules will be hyperlinked, for example, the reference to “Complete Proposal Guidelines” in the Standing Rules of State Committee.

    IMPLEMENTATION: The resolution is best implemented by someone familiar with GRP rules and resolutions. Once the pages are set up and current rules are listed, it should require little effort to keep up to date.


  • Matthew Andrews
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