Pioneer Valley Chapter Report

From Lois Gagnon: The new co-chairs for our chapter for 3 months are Lois Gagnon and Manny Pintado. The number of active members in our chapter presently is 9. There are 5 members working on passing Ranked Choice Voting. It has been one year since the Pioneer Valley chapter sponsored a rally in Northampton against the US attempted coup and the ongoing sanctions in Venezuela. This rally attracted activists from around the area and the Western Ma Venezuela Solidarity Coalition was formed. Lois and Manny are both members. We have done standouts, held educational forums, hosted report backs from members and others who visited Venezuela, had a fund raising event to purchase seeds that were brought down to Venezuela and showed educational films in various locations. We also have a legislative committee which has tried to educate and persuade our law makers on the need to lift the sanctions which have killed 40,00 people. Some of our members were part of the embassy protectors as well. We are planning a fundraiser to help Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese raise money for the defense of the 4 embassy protectors including them who are facing criminal prosecution for legally protecting the Venezuelan embassy from being taken over by the coup supporters. The coalition has recently joined with the Bolivia Solidarity Coalition to demand the coup be overturned. We have not merged with that group as of yet, but have renamed our group the Latin America Solidarity Coalition. The chapter is planning on renewing its Act of Civil Assistance to feed and give warm clothing to the homeless in conjunction with Arise for Social Justice in Springfield in January. We strive to cosponsor and be involved in any events which are in line with Green Party values. We have done outreach by holding meetings in Greenfield in the hopes of starting a new chapter there. We have new fliers and other materials supplied by John Blumenstiel during his visit with us. Our next chapter meeting is Sunday, January 19 in the meeting room of the Lumber Yard Apartments in Northampton at 6pm.

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    Thanks for this Report Lois! It sounds like your chapter is doing well. Is Pioneer Valley fully represented on StateCom and AdCom at the moment? Any efforts to recruit people?
    Also, do I understand your report that your chapter has new chairs every 3 months? How does that work?
    What can StateCom or other chapters do to support embassy protectors and promote Latin American Solidarity?
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