Our Response to the COVID Pandemic

The Green-Rainbow Party advocates the protection of communities and workers from the spread of the COVID-19 virus in the current pandemic. Valid public-health measures include social distancing, mask-wearing, and vaccination. We reaffirm the State Committee statement of November 11, 2020 (www.green-rainbow.org).

The lethal COVID virus has killed 19,404 people in Massachusetts as of December 1, 2021, with 919,097 confirmed cases of the disease in our state alone.  This is tragically unacceptable.  The Green-Rainbow Party stands with public health officials to prevent the further spread of this murderous illness in our communities and workers.  Although science is evolving, we must use the best tools available to fight this pandemic.  Valid public-health measures include social distancing, mask-wearing, and vaccination.


Vaccination is a standard public-health measure and has been mandatory for school attendance for decades. According to the World Health Organization, “Immunization currently prevents 2-3 million deaths every year from diseases like diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, influenza, and measles.”


People are right to be afraid of COVID-19.  It has affected every family.  It has exposed our workers and affected our quality of life.  Anti-vaccination protests go back to the very first vaccine in 1796 that eventually ended the smallpox epidemic. As with today, they reflect a lack of trust in government. Today’s responses range from attacking public officials to outright denial that the virus even exists. 


This is the time when leaders must step up to reach our citizens.  The Green-Rainbow Party must be a beacon for Massachusetts in addressing fears and supporting the best health care measures.  We acknowledge that not all solutions are equally credible because decrees and advice are often distorted by the profit motive and may merit skepticism. The presence of Big Pharma and the unequal distribution of vaccines is a case in point. That is not an excuse to stay silent.


The Green-Rainbow Party will base our policies on the experience of the Covid pandemic and the current state of medical and scientific knowledge.  Our members must demonstrate responsible behavior and always take reasonable measures to protect participants in our meetings.


We stand for social justice, one of our ten key values.

Lois Gagnon

Rick Purcell

Green-Rainbow Co-Chairs 

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