Press releases

9 Nov 2018:  There's a New Political Party in Massachusetts

22 Oct 2018:  WGBH Continues to Spurn Green-Rainbow Candidates in Public Debates

19 Oct 2018: Mel King Endorses Green-Rainbow Party State Candidates

18 Oct 2018:  Unopposed Races Signal a Failure of Democracy in Massachusetts, Says Sanchez

10 Oct 2018:  Green-Rainbow Candidate, Jamie Guerin, Barred from Participating in WGBH Debate for State Treasurer

14 Sept 2018: Stamas Vows to Review the Unfunded Mandate for Education if Elected State Auditor

5 Sept 2018: Sanchez Vows to Continue Fight Against Galvin

15 Aug 2018: Green-Rainbow Party Certifies Three 2018 State Candidates to Fight for the People on Lobbyist-dominated Beacon Hill

19 July 2018: Stamas Campaign Warns of Conflict of Interest in Bump's Office

14 May 2018: Personnel Use in Galvin's Office Must Be Investigated, Says Sanchez

8 May 2018: Massachusetts Green-Rainbow State Convention Set for May 26

25 April 2018:Three Candidates Unite to Challenge Beacon Hill

23 April 2018: Green-Rainbow Pary Nominates Six for the 2018 State Election

19 April 2016: Presidential Candidate Jill Stein to Rally with UMass protesters Wednesday April 20 in Amherst Ma.

16 Dec 2015 Presidential Candidates Listed for State’s Third Largest Party

23 Nov 2015 Green-Rainbow Party Environment Activist to Stand Trial on November 23 

3 Nov 2015 Green-Rainbow Party First-Time Candidates Make Election Inroads

12 Oct 2015 Green-Rainbow Party Environmental Activist to Stand Trial on October 14

30 Aug 2013 Green-Rainbow Party Opposes U.S. Attack on Syria

21 Jan 2013 Green-Rainbow Party Opposes Pipeline Politics and Pipeline Projects

30 Dec 2011 Ballot Set for Green-Rainbow Presidential Primary

26 Dec 2011 Legalize, Tax, and Regulate Marijuana

12 Oct 2011 Keep Hands Off Protesters Says Green-Rainbow Party

  2 Aug 2011 A Menacing New Washington Machine

30 Sep 2011 Warning: Washington is Not On Our Side

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