Requiem for Roe v. Wade

The shoe has DROPPED and now so should the curtain on the facade of the "Hope and Change" Administration. We got the "Change", but little "Hope". And for those who feel I am taking an unfair swipe at the Democrats, please read on while I share a piece of history: Barak Obama in a speech to Planned Parenthood (July 17, 2007, and reiterated in the 2008 presidential campaign)) said, "The first thing I will do as President is to sign the Freedom of Choice Act". In his first 100 days press conference in March 2009 with a Democratic super-majority control of the Senate and an 80+ majority in the House, when asked about Roe v Wade said: "The Freedom of Choice Act is not a high priority of my legislative agenda." Thank the "liberal icon" and the Joe Biden "kingmaker of the Democratic Party. This is what the Democratic Party has offered the people. No effort. No fight. and now No Choice.

The bubble is broken, the illusion is gone, and the facade of the Democratic Party stands for the needs of the working class and poor can no longer be sustained. Our democracy and our rights are rapidly deteriorating and there is no mainstream party willing to commit to the significant, necessary struggle. What is the state of America under the leadership of Democrats and Republicans? Let's consider:

  1. The right of choice by women: GONE.
  2. The right to clean air, safe water, and the ability to sustain a livable environment: GONE.
  3. The necessity to have a fair and equitable economic order. GONE.
  4. While the rights of the unborn are protected, the lives of the living are threatened daily by killers wielding freely available assault weapons. They can massacre schoolchildren and shoppers whenever they choose. Thus, the right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness in America---- GONE.
  5. The right to vote: going, going, GONE.
    The right to get honest news: going, going, GONE.
    The right to healthcare for all: GONE.
    The right to a reasonable retirement for all: Going, going, almost GONE.

And what have we gained by having so much taken away? Perpetual war, global conflict, and an increasingly entrenched military. industrial/financial complex that bleeds the country and our citizens of basic needs and security while creating massive profits for themselves.

The progressive movement must be clear-minded and unified. The signs are clear: our political/economic institutions are no longer bound by constitutional requirements. The three branches of government are merely actors on behalf of a ruling elite.

A divided progressive movement must discipline itself and rekindle a massive pro-peace, pro-people movement to thwart this downward spiral into overt repression. Let's build a clear vision. Let's agree on common goals lest the splinters of our various disagreements derail us from our overarching areas of agreement. Clearly, our future is dependent upon our ability to grow and build.

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