Resources for campaigns

Presentations from the Green Campaign School, 2/23/13

Campaign Fundamentals - John Andrews
Running for Local Office - Anna Trevorrow
Candidate Recruitment Drive - Anna Trevorrow
First Steps: Why, where, and who - Peter Vickery
Fundraising and Money Management - Tony Zeli
Social Campaigns - rethinking online and print communications - Nat Fortune

Belmont MA Brochure on running for local office (distributed at "local office" session)

Useful Links 

Green-Rainbow Party (GRP)
GRP Candidate Development and Legal Committee
[email protected]
Green Party Coordinated Campaign Committee
Past Election Results for MA
MA Office of Campaign & Political Finance
MA Contribution limits:

MA Getting started guide:
Set-up and Reporting for Candidate Committees

Political Campaign Planning Manual - A Step by Step Guide to Winning Elections" by J. Brian O'Day

Recommended Reading:  

Judge Lawrence Grey, “How to Win a Local Election: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide", M. Evans publisher, 2006

Thomas Renk, "Getting Elected: Winning Local Elections" 2006

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