Scott Laugenour For State Representative

Scott_Laugenour70.jpgWe're gearing up for a 2012 campaign for State Representative, 4th Berkshire District. We're talking about Green Local Jobs, Fair Taxes and Strong Infrastructure, Education, Medicare For All, Refusing the Influence of Corporate Money, and Sound Energy Policies. You can learn more at

Since the 2010 elections local greens have continued to be impactful and have grown into a strong political force. Fellow greens serve on boards and committees, and have organized town and political action committees. Mark Miller's campaign came was within 200 votes of winning the 3rd Berkshire District seat in the special election in neighboring Pittsfield, collecting almost double the number of votes of the fourth-place Republican candidate.

We are getting ahead of the curve to bring about change next year. Let's hit even harder in 2012 to demand...

Public trust in politics is at an all time low. Communities, local businesses, and people are being hit with cuts that they cannot absorb. Politicians are more concerned with currying favor with the moneyed institutions rather than in the responsible stewardship of public services.  We are not powerless, though. Although we couldn't all be on the bridge with Martin Luther King in 1965, and we now can't all pitch a tent on Wall Street, we can all fight back with impact from here at home.

fair taxes and budgets. We need investments in public health insurance and in public education systems that do not further increase the personal debt levels that now stifle individual enterprise. Future green jobs and the economic development will come from healthy, educated, and solvent people. Today's unfair regressive taxes and budgets do not serve these needs while the politics of today is making this situation worse. Real solutions are not being debated. We have the solutions; they are part of our American heritage, but they are well outside established political paradigms and far beyond the tired uni-partisan or bi-partisan political debates of today. These solutions, though, are within the reach of a determined campaign and determined voters.

We're looking to the future in setting the course for environment and energy policies while reducing the influence of corporate money (with its bias for short-term private profit) in policy-making. We will call for a major change in budget priorities. This call is backed with popular power because the ideas behind them are powerful and popular.

We are undertaking a fundraising campaign to ensure that we can reach every voter in the upcoming 4th Berkshire District State Representative election. Can we count on you for a financial contribution? Your contribution will give us a strong and determined start.

Thank you!

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