GRP Secretary Candidate Says Galvin Must Not Duck Debates

Danny Factor for Secretary of the Commonwealth
For immediate release: Thursday, September 23, 2014

Galvin Must Not Duck Debates, Say Challengers Factor and D'Arcangelo.

Voters deserve to see all three candidates questioned.

An unusual collaboration between candidates of different parties has emerged as Danny Factor, Green-Rainbow Party candidate for Secretary of State has joined with Republican challenger David D'Arcangelo in sending a joint letter to Secretary Bill Galvin requesting that Galvin agree to attend a series of debates involving all three contenders on the ballot.

The letter was certified as received by the Galvin campaign more than a month ago, but there has been no response to from Bill Galvin or his office. The text of the letter can be found at:

The letter was sent by certified mail to Galvin’s candidate office, home and to his state house office. The letter sent to his candidate office was signed as received on August 11th (the other two letters were refused by Galvin). More than a month later, there has been no response from the Secretary. Galvin's only reported public statement on the matter has been, "I'm sure we'll have debates" but he has a poor track history committing to participate in debates.

The letter requested that all three candidates engage in debates to “serve the people best by being public and transparent about our vision for the commonwealth.” Factor and D'Arcangelo would like to have a series of four debates in different locations.

"If you're asking voters to give you four more years in office, you owe them the courtesy of appearing in a debate,” said Factor. "Face-to-face debates are the most honest, most revealing way of letting voters understand who is seeking their vote. Throughout the election season, voters are bombarded with 30-second TV commercials that are shallow, deceptive and which permit no rebuttal or follow-up questioning. Only in a debate do you get to hear all the candidates address the same question. Only in a debate can you ask a follow-up question when the candidate seems to be dodging the issue."

In addition, Factor stated that "Secretary Galvin holds an office that is responsible for making sure voters have the information they need to cast informed votes. It is ironic that he is refusing to take the time to help them understand their options in his own race."

Factor noted that in 2006 Secretary Galvin was criticized for offering only a five-minute debate against his opponent. "I understand why Democratic Party strategists might tell their candidates to hide from the voters and hope they can just slide back into office. But if you think your record in office shows that you really deserve four more years, why be afraid of an open and fair debate?"

D'Arcangelo, in agreement, recently stated that, “The next Secretary of the Commonwealth will be addressing a series of critical issues the day they are sworn in. I believe a robust and healthy debate schedule will give the voters a clear look at which candidate possesses the skills and vision to move Massachusetts forward." D'Arcangelo is a city councilor from Malden who has called for modernizing the Secretary's office, noting that Bill Galvin has been in office for twenty years.

Factor, a public interest attorney in Acton, is running as part of a team of three Green-Rainbow Party candidates on a platform which includes fighting corporate greed; calling for fairer, more inclusive elections; recognizing that people have economic human rights such as the right to food and shelter, single payer healthcare and calling for a much swifter transition to renewable energy to combat climate change.

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