Spring 2015 Minutes


Uncorrected Minutes of StateCom Meeting of April 11, 2015


Observer Ian Jackson



The April 11, 2015 State Committee meeting took place at the Roxbury Community College, 1234 Columbus Ave, Academic Building (Building 3), Room 306, Roxbury Crossing (Boston) 02120


Arts Performer:


Ben Beckwith, an Observer at the StateCom meeting opened the meeting with a few folk songs:


This Land is Your Land


We Shall Overcome




Report from Male Co-Chair:


Frank updated StateCom on fundraising and climate change.  We need a revolution and encouraged every StateCom member run for office.




Call to Order:


The Secretary called the meeting to order.


Parliamentarian:  David Spanagel


Stacker:  Brian Cady


Timekeeper:  Joyce Palmer-Fortune


Vibes Watcher:  Mike Heichman




Seating Alternates:


Check Joanna’s status as Member or Alternate.  Appoint Joanna as StateCom member.


Yes = 14


Opposed = No


StateCom approved Joanna’s status as a StateCom Member by consensus.


Ian is comfortable with Observer status






Quorum was met with 14 delegates




Approval of Agenda:




John Andrews added announcement about the National Party




Selection of Next Co-Facilitators and StateCom Meeting Location:


Next StateCom Meeting, Sunday, July 19, 2015 in Central Mass


Joyce Palmer-Fortune and Daphne Stevens, co-facilitators




Approval of January 10, 2015 StateCom Meeting Minutes:


No action






Elect Diversity Members and New Chapter Reps to AdCom/National Committee Appointments:


Frank suggested asking Bill Ashley to join AdCom as Diversity rep.  Bill is located in western part of Massachusetts and was treasurer for Danny’s campaign last fall.  Priya Gosh and Gabby Corbera were also recommended as possible Diversity representatives.




Bill Ashley -  Joyce informed StateCom that Bill is a qualified candidate for treasurer and long time GRP member. 


Gabby Corbera – Frank stressed need for leadership development.  Gabby lives in Franklin, MA.  Mike supports both Bill and Gabby.  Joanna asked if there can be an Observer position on AdCom.  John pointed out that there are other ways to be involved in Party aside from AdCom.  David Spanagel inquired if Gabby is participating in GPUS meetings.  Frank replied that Gabby reads GPUS data.  Elie commented that people are needed on Membership Committee.


Motion to appoint Gabby Corbera as Diversity representative of AdCom:




Yes:  3


Opposed:  4


Abstentions:  8




Priya Gosh - Organizer of violence presentation, Survivor Bill of Rights at Umass.


Motion to appoint Priya Gosh as Diversity representative of AdCom:




Yes:  3


Opposed:  4


Abstentions:  8




Daphne Stevens -  StateCom delegate, who has served as female co-facilitator.


Motion to appoint Daphne Stevens as Diversity representative of AdCom:




StateCom approved appointing Daphne as Diversity Representative by consensus.




Alternate AdCom representatives:


Nashua River alternate – John Helfrick (J voter)


Assabet River Valley – Barbara Clancy (un-enrolled)


Barbara’s appointment is contingent on dues payment


No concerns for Barbara




Consensus vote




National Campaign Committee:


Danny informed StateCom that Bill Ashley would like to be active on National Campaign Committee.  Elie noted there may be a bylaw issue for this appointment.  David Gerry sent a form to Bill.  StateCom approved recommending Bill Ashley as a representative to GPUS at the January 10, 2015 StateCom meeting.  Elie stated that Bill could be appointed as an Alternate to GPUS.  Danny asked if there were any concerns about appointing Bill Ashley as Alternate to National Committee.  John’s concern was GRP endorsement.


Vote to Nominate Bill Ashley as an Alternate to GPUS:


Yes:  11


Opposed:  1


Abstain:  2




AdCom Report:


Frank reported there are a few members who want to run for office.


Ian submitted a written report comparing GRP with other parties. 


Mike inquired about hiring a part time staff person to help with convention, campaigns, etc.  Ian must be able to provide work hours to support a contractor.


Frank is working on a second fundraising mailer that will be collated at printers.  A suggestion was made to hire someone from a college campus 8 hours a week.  If next treasurer needs staff help, it will be taken under consideration.  Elie stressed attracting people low income members. Frank explained that treasurer’s focus was on filing reports and party qualifications.




Secretary Report:


Roni Beal reported that there have been five AdCom meetings since the January 10, 2015 StateCom meeting.  Status AdCom meeting minutes:


1/27/15 – draft, approval postponed


2/9/15 – draft, approval postponed


2/23/15 – minutes approved


3/12/15 – minutes approved


3/23/15 – minutes to be approved at 4/13/15 meeting




Danny made a motion to table 10:45 am Working Groups item and move to Developing Strategy for Print and Social Media.




CDLC Report:


David Spanagel provided a CDLC report listing candidates who are running for election.  Eight people are committed to run for office.  A great deal of progress has been made with CDLC liaisons.  Maureen added that 37 candidates who are running for local office.  Next CDLC meeting will be April 21 at 7:00 pm.




Membership report:


David Spanagel briefed StateCom on ups and downs of activity.  He stressed that engaging committee representatives from the Berkshires, Pioneer Valley, Assabet Valley and Fall River is imperative to retaining potential new members.  David provided a list of recommendations from Membership, Diversity and Volunteer Recruitment Committees (MD&VR).








Danny recommended tabling remainder of reports and move to Developing a Strategy for Print and Social Media which is also known as:


Growing the GRP Reaching Toward the 1 percent Threshold of all Registered Voters in the Commonwealth:


Elie stated that GRP needs to make better use of technology as referenced in 7A on the Strategy handout.  Frank noted that there are 2,000 email addresses in NationBuilder that are used for fundraising, press releases, etc.  There are many opportunities to make email list more effective.  Social Media should prepare for voter registration form going online because enrollment has the potential to grow and the opportunity to grow the Party.  A suggestion was made to create a Facebook message to register GRP.  Frank recommended NationBuilder training to collect information.  He added that GRP information across the state should feed into NationBuilder.  John stated that all fundraising in future will be online.  Obama campaign had full time staff using online capabilities including list building.  Jill Stein has a “tech guru” teaching others how to use online media and recommends making a “Green” tool kit  available in a package for future use.  Another recommendation is to contact someone at a Liberal Arts campus to provide training.  Frank stated that registering college students on campus is important.  Danny, noted that lost membership was due to Democratic primary. There is a need to be pro-active on campuses, such as outreach and  creating events on campus that lead to a new category on list (9A).  Mike cited that there is a need for people on the ground and talking with people one on one.  Daphne, asked about training at a StateCom meeting during the summer.  David added suggestions and 9A to membership list, including social media and fundraising. 




Our GRP Plan for 2015-2016 (11:30 am item)


A Power Point presentation was made about improvements for GRP. Joyce listed suggestions in her computer.  Danny requested that the list be sent to working committees and local chapters as a guide.  Mike suggested that the list be brought to next StateCom meeting.  Roni asked Joyce to email list and she will add to StateCom minutes.


GRP Wish List:




At the Spring Statecom meeting, we did a round-robin of what we all see as important priorities for the next 2 years – we thought we would share it with you. 




Merelice: in next 2 years – listen to youth and what they want and bring them on board




Danny Factor: candidates for state rep and state senate in almost all districts, commitments to get signatures to get on the ballot – visibility via candidates running in many districts




Daphne Stevens: Name recognition.  I don’t




Roni Beal: more training and organization (our internal infrastructure needs to be stronger, more resilient)




Dave Spanagel: Less slender pyramid – more folks involved in leadership and at every level. 




John Andrews: A Practical plan for growth that can be realistically implemented.




Dick Vaillette: organize to keep track of events around the state for us to focus on.




Brian Cady: response from volunteers (who sign up)




Elie Yarden: Party presenting a very distinct alternative to the status quo parties. – extend the imagination of our party members to understand what we could be.    Engaging locally




Ben (guest): internet is great, but folks get involved when there are activities and people – more direct communication to people.




Joanna Herlihy: achieve better understanding of the implications of our principles for structuring governments and forming legislation




David Gerry: more people should know and understand the 10 key values.




Wes Nickerson: growth of the GRP and more active membership, not just a thing you are ‘signed up for’.  Engagement.




Ian Jackson: candidates who are better looking than myself (hee hee, just kidding.  He actually said ‘someone who doesn’t look like me’) for office.




Frank Jackson: Better able to communicate with members; have the resources to hire low income members as organizers; get to 1% voter registration in every town.




Mike Heichman: progress on an agenda for a Green Rainbow commonwealth – have the goal of 1 person running in every district (for rep/senator?) in Massachusetts. 




Joyce Palmer Fortune: get the low hanging fruit; get small things on this list done. 




Maureen Doyle: not so focused on $$ and technology; focus on what people can do without the latest gadget. 




Joyce Palmer Fortune conscripted scribe for the round-robin at Spring 2015 StateCom meeting. 




State Convention:


Roni stressed that Convention Committee focus on finding a keynote speaker for the convention.  Merelice stated that building emphasis should be on local speakers rather than national level speakers.  Danny stated that Black Lives Matter movement is growing and he highly recommends Carlton Williams or someone recommended by Carlton Williams.  Mel King was also a suggested speaker. 




2016 Presidential Election Schedule:


John made a PowerPoint presentation about GRP activities associated with the 2016 campaign in Mass.  GRP is a recognized Party because of 2014 election.  There is a need for a delegation for GRP and to build voter registration during the presidential election years.  Two plans:  Presidential Election Plan and the 2016 Presidential Primary.  The presidential support committee is responsible for all the Presidential Campaign tasks for 2016.




Merelice recommended creating social events from ordinary, routine events.  Challenges are national deadlines and if the state changes their deadlines.  Merelice stated that National party must be informed that the state has deadlines that must be met.   If GRP members decide to work for the Jill Stein campaign, it does not imply that GRP supports Jill over other presidential candidates.  John commented that the National Party is dealing with 42 states and it is up to GRP to do its own work.  Frank, recommended developing a fair policy for every candidate.  John pointed out that there are many opportunities to grow Green Party and support in CT, RI, NH and VT.




Establishing a Presidential Campaign Working Group for the 2016 Election


Submitted by John Andrews






The GRP is the state affiliate of the Green Party of the United States (GPUS).  The GRP, by virtue of its recognition as a political party following the 2014 statewide election, is allowed to participate in the 2016 presidential primary.  The GRP then forms a delegation to be sent to the Green Party Presidential Nominating Convention (PNC).  At that convention, the presidential candidate is selected and the national platform is approved.  The nominee of the convention is automatically the nominee of the GRP and their name is automatically entered on the Massachusetts ballot for the general election.




The 2016 presidential campaign will provide a number of opportunities to build the GRP in areas such as media visibility, voter registration, developing campaign skills, growth of donor lists, etc.  But participation in the presidential campaign requires that the party fulfill certain legal requirements and meet certain legal deadlines for submitting a delegate selection plan, names for the primary ballot, and names of GRP electors.  In addition, the party must communicate with candidates, ensure fair treatment, and provide support for the primary and general elections.  Failure to perform the required tasks would not only embarrass the party, but would forfeit a valuable opportunity for party growth.




In order to ensure that the required tasks are completed in a timely manner, this motion would establish a Presidential Campaign Working Group (PCWG) that would focus on the relevant tasks.  This is what was done in 2011 and documents from 2011-2012 can be used as a starting point for the 2016 activities.






StateCom hereby establishes a Presidential Campaign Working Group (PCWG) that is charged with carrying out tasks associated with the 2016 Presidential campaign.




Text of Proposal


  1. StateCom hereby establishes a Presidential Campaign Working Group (PCWG) that is charged with carrying out tasks associated with the 2016 Presidential campaign.  Members shall consist of GRP members appointed by StateCom or AdCom or CDLC (with concurrence of AdCom).  The PCWG shall elect two co-chairs who will be the points of contact for the working group.




  1. The PCWG is charged with the following responsibilities:




  1. Communicate as required with the national party regarding the Presidential campaign, ballot access, the nominating convention, and credentialing of our delegation.  The PCWG should be in close contact with the Presidential Campaign Support Committee (PCSC).
  2. Serve as a point of contact for the Secretary of the Commonwealth (SOC) in order to identify and comply with all of the election law requirements and submission deadlines of the Commonwealth of MA.
  3. Produce an updated Presidential Election Plan and an updated Delegate Selection Plan.  Ensure the timely submission of the Delegate Selection Plan to the Secretary of the Commonwealth.
  4. Communicate with the candidates and potential candidates to make sure that they are aware of all of the requirements and deadlines of the State GRP and SOC.
  5. Do the preliminary work to prepare the list of names to be submitted for the 2016 Presidential primary ballot.  Work with AdCom to ensure that the names are submitted by the legal deadline.
  6. Recruit GRP members to become applicants to be delegates for the 2016 GPUS Presidential Nominating Convention (PNC).
  7. Assist any recognized presidential candidates who visit the state in meeting GRP members.
  8. Take steps to ensure that our members are properly informed regarding the 2016 MA Presidential Primary.
  9. Based on the vote in the Presidential Primary, execute the procedures specified in the Delegate Selection Plan to ensure that a properly credentialed GRP delegation is appointed to attend the PNC.
  10. Participate in the raising and allocation of travel funds for GRP delegates who will need financial assistance to attend the PNC.
  11. Ensure that the GRP submits the names of qualified presidential electors (for the Electoral College) to the Secretary of the Commonwealth.
  12. Coordinate efforts to promote the national ticket in the Commonwealth with attention given to the goal of winning 3% of the presidential vote and thus retaining ballot status after the election.
  13. After the election, brief StateCom regarding results of the campaign, lessons learned, and recommendations for the future.
  14. Attend to any other issues and tasks that arise as a result of the 2016 Presidential campaign, keeping CDLC, AdCom, and StateCom informed of developments.




  1. In performing its duties, the PCWG will report to AdCom and will accept any official guidance that AdCom provides regarding its membership, structure, tasking, or approach.  The PCWG will brief each StateCom meeting regarding its activities.




  1. The term of this working group shall be from its establishment until the January 2017 StateCom meeting.  At that point, StateCom will determine if there is a need to continue the working group for a period of time to address any continuing responsibilities.










Budget Impact


No funds are appropriated by this proposal, although the GRP may later decide to fund certain activities associated with the presidential election, such as travel assistance for low income delegates to the PNC or a statewide pre-primary mailing to GRP members.




  • StateCom and AdCom should appoint an initial set of PCWG members as soon as possible, seeking to appoint members of AdCom, CDLC, and the Membership Committee to serve on the PCVWG and thus promote coordination and preservation of institutional experience.




  • AdCom should send out a PCWG volunteer appeal to the different GRP email lists and to the local chapters, and post such appeal on the GRP online channels.




  • Reading materials should be distributed to PCWG members.




  • A listserv should be established for the PCWG.






Lunch break 12:40 pm




Canvassing for Merelice for Selectperson in Brookline




Meeting resumed:  3:45 pm




Art Performance


Ben Beckwith sang a few more folk songs.




Presidential Committee Working Group (PCWG):


Danny made a motion to form a Presidential Committee Working Group and called for volunteers to work in this group.


Volunteers to form PCWG committee are:  David Spanagel, John Andrews, Joyce Fortune, and Ian Jackson


Motion made and passed to create a Presidential Committee Working Group.




StateCom Endorsement of Merelice for Brookline Selectperson:


Danny made the motion to endorse Merelice’s campaign for Selectperson of Brookline. Motion was seconded by David Spanagel.  The motion passed by consensus.




Committee Reports:


Fundraising Committee:


Ben Beckwith has been helping Frank with fundraising.  Ben is now on the Fundraising committee.  Mike inquired if bylaws allow StateCom to remove a person from a committee.  David Spanagel stated that StateCom can register dissatisfaction with a Chairperson.  According to bylaws StateCom can add a new member to committee.  Elie noted that StateCom can hire a fundraiser and have done so in the past.




First, Danny made a motion to ask Sean to step down as fundraising chair.  Motion was seconded by Joanna Herlihy.   Ben Beckwith will be part of the fundraising committee without a chair until a Finance & Fundraising working committee is formed.




Motion for proposal passed by consensus




Platform Committee:


A discussion took place about status of the Platform Committee.  Joanna is remaining member of Platform.  No report.




Action Legislative Committee:


Joanna Herlihy and Barbara Clancy signed up for the Legislative Committee.


Danny Factor and Brian Moss signed up for the Action Committee


Mike Heichman clarified that he is not on serving on either committee.


Merelice reminded everyone that people can only serve on two committees, including chairing a local chapter.  Elie noted that even though he is not working on Platform, his work has not disappeared.  Mike is interested in attending combined Action and Legislative committee meeting.






Wes reported that Joyce and Frank are helping with email blasts.  Wes is working on Merelice’s campaign and Danny’s upcoming trial.  Several people have volunteered to help with communications.  Frank volunteered to help Wes recruiting help.  Elie, will help with membership communications.




Danny’s Trial:


People can help by visiting his Facebook page and donating to Factor legal defense fund.  Danny encouraged people to be involved in local environmental issues.




Pass Mass Amendment Petitioning in Fall:


Danny recommended that GRP create a state constitutional process that requires signatures in the fall to pass Mass Amendment petition.  Bill number is located on the website.  We the People Act is another source of information.




John announced the Annual National meeting in St. Louis is in July.   John plans to attend the convention.  David Gerry and Elie Yarden have plans to attend.




Reports from Proposal Shepherds Re: Past Proposals:


Disability Inclusion – Danny is pleased to see disclosure on chapter announcements.  David Gerry is an advisor on how to make text readable. 




Report from National Delegates:


Delegates reported that activity consists of discussion meetings to appoint people to committees.




Combine Chapter/Town Reports/Ward Committee Reports:


Gail Garrett, of Berkshires appears not to be a registered J voter.


Pioneer Valley – Joyce, no report


Nashua River – met three times with 9.3 average attendance.  The chapter treasurer, John Helfrick, collected annual dues.  NRGR has two new co-chairs, David Spanagel and Charlene DiCalogero, and Sharon Moss is the new secretary.  David has not filed paperwork to be Lancaster town moderator.


Assabet River Valley – now holds teleconference meetings and one in person meeting per month, averaging three to six on a call and four to seven at meetings.  The Chapter is involved in Black Lives Matter events.  They are also involved in pay-as-you-go-trash system in Acton.


Greater Boston- Merelice thanked Boston Chapter for their help with her campaign.   Boston Chapter is focusing on abolishing poverty.  Next meeting is next Tuesday in Cambridge.  Elie, reported that Cambridge Greens are very active in city politics.


South Coast – no report


Assabet River Valley – Tar Larner still on Concord Housing Board.


Danny is serving on Acton town committee about disability accessibility. 


Southbridge - Maureen reported that Gus in very busy on Southbridge town council.  Health coverage is also a big issue.  Frank suggested a town clinic. 




Town Ward Reports:


Danny reported only three to four members are required to form a town committee. Acton town committee received EIN, and they plan to hold a meeting by next StateCom meeting in July.


Closing Statements from Co-chairs


Merelice is grateful to StateCom for their dedication and keeping Party alive. 


Round Robin:


Maureen reminded everyone to take VDD on climate change.  Meeting good.


Mike – Vibes great – liked moo on Joyce’s laptop


Ian – Treasurer’s report filed


Wes – Good food


David Gerry – After listening to “moo”, he would like to eat a steak


Joanna – Appreciated shepherd’s report


Ben –  Enjoyed meeting


Elie – Likes being in same meeting with like minded people


Brian – Good meeting, would like people to be more concise



Daphne –Liked Ben’s folk music


Danny – Thanked Daphne and Ben for their help, listing visions for the Party




Meeting adjourned 5:00 pm














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