Spring 2016 Agenda

Draft Agenda

State Committee Organizational Meeting
State Committee Meeting
Spring 2016

  • Registration & Credentialing

    • 9:00 Registration Opens
  • Organizational Meeting

    1. 9:30 Call to Order
    2. 9:35 Appointments

      Reappoint party co-chairs, secretary and treasurer.

    3. 9:40 Adjourn
  • State Committee Meeting

    1. 9:40 Call to Order
      • Co-chairs Welcome Messagem
    2. 9:50 Appoint Proportional Representatives

      Proportional representatives are elected at the regional conventions held every four years to reflect the proportion of Green-Rainbow Party registrations in each region.

    3. 10:00 Preliminaries
      • Secretary's confirmation of quorum
      • Identify and confirm:
        • Parlimentarian
        • Stacker
        • Timekeeper
        • Vibes Watcher
      • Seat alternates
      • Appoint new State Committee Representatives
    4. 10:20 Approve Agenda

      Please review and comment ahead of time.

    5. 10:30 2016 Choose Summer State Committee Meeting:
      • Location
      • Co-facilitators
      • Date (Sundays in July are 10, 17, 24 & 31)
    6. 10:40 Approve 2016 Winter State Committee Meeting Minutes

      Please review the draft, any posted comments and make comments online prior to arrival.

    7. 10:50 Introduction to the State Committee
      • What is State Committee
      • Responsibilities of State Committee Representatives
      • Procedures of State Committee
    8. 11:10 Appointments & Confirmations
      • Appoint Diversity Representative(s) to Administrative Committee

        The Administrative Committee can have up to two Diversity Representatives appointed by State Committee. Diversity Representatives are to increase the diversity of the Administrative Committee when needed.

        Note: Adcom is down to 5 members; 2 women, 3 men, with some diversity except for color/racial identity.

      • Confirm Chapter Representatives to Administrative Committee

        GRP Chapters may choose a representative to serve on the Administrative Committee with full voting rights.

      • Appointments to GPUS Committees

        Many GPUS committees can have up to 3 members from state party. GRP members can apply for these committees through the GRP State Committee.

    9. 11:20 Break (5 minutes)
    10. 11:25 Officer Reports
    11. 11:50 Committee Reports
      • Action
      • Campaign Development & Legal
      • Communications & Media
      • Convention Planning
      • Fundraising & Finance
      • Legislative
      • Membership, Diversity & Volunteer Recruitment
      • Platform
      • Technical
      • Presidential Campaign Working Group
      • GPUS National Committee
    12. 12:30 Lunch

      There are a number of eateries on Dartmouth St. including B. Good, Douzu (sushi) and Tasty Burger. If you have dietary restrictions you are encouraged to bring your own lunch. GRP funds can be available for those who may require assistance.

      During lunch will be a good time for members to meet with people on working committees that they are interested in.

    13. 1:20 Sign-up to Committees

      Sign-up sheets will be passed around for members to join a working committee. State Committee representatives should serve on at least one working committee.

    14. 1:30 Regional Convention Summaries
      • Western
      • Central
      • West Metropolitan & Northeastern
      • First & Second Boston Metropolitan
    15. 1:55 Town, Ward & City Committees
      • Announcement of new Acton, Reading & Whately town committees and Boston Ward 11 committee.
      • Questions about the formation of town, ward & city committees.
    16. 2:10 Chapter Reports
      • Berkshire Greens
      • Assabet River Valley
      • Greater Boston
      • Nashua River Green-Rainbow
      • Pioneer Valley
    17. 2:30 Proposals
    18. 3:10 Break (5 minutes)
    19. 3:15 Strategy for 2016: Supporting Presidential Nominee and State Candidates

      A discussion to plan a coordinated strategy to have successful campaign 2016, supporting our Presidential and State Candidates. What will be common threads in this campaign? What is our message? How will we generate enthusiasm and excitement??

    20. 4:00 Round Robin
    21. 4:15 Adjourn


      Please assist in breaking down and cleaning up the room after the meeting.

Showing 3 reactions

  • Ian Jackson
    commented 2016-04-01 22:49:36 -0400
    We shouldn’t limit 2016 Strategy to only electoral work.
  • Charlene Dicalogero
    commented 2016-03-27 22:11:57 -0400
    The co-facilitators conferred and have made some changes to the agenda, based on less time needed for some items, dropping “candidate request for endorsement/resources,” and adding both 1 proposal and an Item for Discussion. The item for discussion, “Strategy for 2016” is for StateCom to address the issues raised by Mike H. in his comments 1 and 2. Also, there will be recruitment for all committees, including those which have been understaffed, during this meeting. Thanks!
  • Michael Heichman
    commented 2016-03-24 22:12:47 -0400
    Dear StateCom Members:

    I. The State Committee is a continuous body.

    In January, 2015 the State Committee approved a proposal co-ssponsored by Merelice and Frank Jackson to establish two committees-an Action Committee and a Legislative Committee. Despite efforts, these 2 committees have never had a first meeting.

    I believe that it is essential for the survival and growth of our party that we offer compelling reasons for our members to remain and hopefully become more active and to recruit new members. While I believe that we are doing the best that we can to encourage and support our members to run for public office, we must at the same time come up with a political program.

    There doesn’t need to be a new proposal to put this into motion. April 2 is the beginning of a new StateComm; there will be veteran members and new ones. I recommend that there be a discussion on how to move these committees forward.

    II. Every 4 years since 2002, we have run at least 3 of our members for statewide office. One of the results is that at least one of our candidates receives more than 3% of the statewide vote and we regain our status as a legal party. In 2014, all 3 of our candidates received more than 3% of the vote.

    Having restored our legal status, every four years during the presidential campaign we have done very little to take advantage of all of our efforts from our previous statewide campaigns. On election day in November, we never receive 3% of the vote and then once again become a political designation.

    I don’t know whether we could succeed in changing this pattern this electoral season. However, I believe that there may be some benefits for the statecom to discuss ways to use the presidential campaign to benefit our state party.

    Thanks for your consideration,

    Mike Heichman
    Greater Boston Chapter of the GRP
    Former State Comm Member