spring 2017 agenda

Please enter your comments and suggestions for the draft agenda for the SPRING 2017 STATECOM meeting in the box below the draft agenda


Time HH.MM







Register. Pick-up materials. Get coffee.



- Appoint Notes Taker
- Secretary verifies quorum
- Seat alternates, if any
- Appoint Notes Taker, Timekeeper, Vibes Watcher, Stacker, Parliamentarian
- Appoint new StateCom members, if any



Approve Meeting Agenda

Adjust agenda if necessary.


Approval of Winter 2017 State Committee Meeting Notes

[See item 5 in Reading Package.]


Co-chairs' Message

Should help set priorities and get StateCom focused.


Selection of Summer 2017 State Committee Location, Date and Co-Facilitators



Approve new representatives to AdCom (Vacancies, Diversity members, Chapter Reps, etc.).



Appoint members to GPUS committees (as needed)

• Maggie Zhou to GPUS International Committee
• Megan Elizabeth Corry to Outreach Committee
• John Andrews to GPUS Presidential Campaign Support Committee
[See items 1,2, and 3 in Reading Package.]


Reports from officers (co-chairs,treasurer, secretary) <4 min each>



State Convention Planning (report of the Convention Committee, approval of convention plans)



LUNCH - Brown bag or get food nearby.

Committees and working groups are encouraged to meet over lunch.


• Update on Ranked Choice Voting (Adam Friedman)
• GRP actions in support of RCV initiative

[See Item 6 in Reading Package for suggested ways for GRP to support the initiative.]


Results of 2016 Presidential Campaign

Jill is expected to join us by Skype from Liverpool where she is attending the Global Greens Congress.


Old business: Disbursement of Presidential Election Recount Funds



Old business: Requirement for Committee Membership for AdCom Members

Carried over from January meeting.


Reports from Committees (2 min. each)

Candidate Development & Legal, Communications & Media
Fundraising & Finance, Membership, Diversity & Volunteer Recruitment, GPUS national committee, Action Committee, Legislative Committee, PCWG [Convention Planning was covered in earlier agenda item.]


Political Action Planning 2017-18

What are our priorities for 2017-18? What preparations and actions are needed in the near term? Discussion to result in a set of statements reflecting the consensus of StateCom. See former proposal in Item 7 in Reading Package.






No proposals have been submitted. However, some time is reserved if StateCom wishes to discuss earlier proposals not acted upon or to discuss ideas for revising the proposal process itself.


Reports from Chapters (3 min. each)

Assabet Valley, Greater Boston, Nashua River, North Shore, Pioneer Valley, South Coast


Meeting Wrap-up and Feedback

Round robin format


Extra Time Available for Allocation

Can be allocated anywhere in the agenda.


ADJOURN.  Begin room clean-up.



Leave room


Additions for facilitators. As requested

Under "Reports from Committees," I should like as a delegate to the National Committee, get a sense of how I should vote on choice of site for the upcoming Annual National Meeting -- the alternatives are Newark NJ and Portland OR -- the voting in the NC closes at midnight the date of out State Committee meeting.

For those who are curious, the revised text of the Ten Key Values of the GPUS appearing in the 2017 Platform of the GPUS and approved by the vote of both the NC and the PNC I'm 2016 has been made available by e-mail to the GRP discuss list together with the current version of the tex used by the G-RP.  Some of the differences may be of interest to some people, and I would happy for the opportunity of discussing these or setting up such a discussion.

I would like an approval of my continuing work in the Platform Committee of the GPUS for another year if such approval is needed.

Elie Yarden

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on skyping Jill in after lunch....

The wifi at this location is very slow - it seems a lot of people are on the free wifi network in that building, and it especially is slow after about noontime, though it is noticeably slow even earlier.  We should have an alternative path tot he internet available. 

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Questions and corrections to agenda

1. Appoint members to GPUS committees: Is Megan Elizabeth Corry a member of a chapter, and if so, which one? I don't believe I've met her, pleased she wants to be on GPUS Outreach committee.

2. Election as Required by bylaws and 9.13 and standing rule 12: of what/whom?

3. Old business: Requirement for Committee Membership for AdCom Members (correction: StateCom members): CORRECTION TO MY EARLIER COMMENT. Yes, this proposal was tabled at the Winter 2017 meeting. Also, it is Darlene and Roni's proposal, not mine (I co-facilitated and offered amendments, but not a co-sponsor). 

4. Reports from Chapters: correct to: Central Mass Green-Rainbow chapter (formerly Nashua River)

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Start business at 9:30am

This is when we have started at the meetings I've attended. I think any earlier is unrealistic, especially for people coming from Western MA.

Also, will someone write a proposal concerning support for the RCV effort? If Adam is coming back, I think we need to be able to say what support we can offer as a party.

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Statewide Candidates in 2018

Bylaw 13.1 states that "The Green-Rainbow Party will seek and maintain statewide ballot access as allowed by state law. This will include, but is not limited to, running candidates for local, regional,state, and federal offices in order to gain and retain ballot access." Unless changed the State Committee and approved by the convention, this section of the bylaw should guide actives and decide priorities over work that is not specifically in the bylaws. 

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Why Green-Rainbow in 2017

People need a reason to join us. Issues can define a platform to run. The Party should define some examples of how the Party is different.

We have heard "To the Victor goes the Spoils." This is not true. Rutan v. Republican Party of Illinois, 497 U.S. 62 (1990), was a United States Supreme Court decision that held that the First Amendment forbids a government entity from basing its decision to promote, transfer, recall, or hire low-level public employees based upon their party affiliation. [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rutan_v._Republican_Party_of_Illinois] House bill 2579 [https://malegislature.gov/Bills/190/H2579] is an attempt to add this protection to state law.

The power of the state is used to take people's land for Gas Pipelines. For inter-state pipelines, it is possible that Federal Law could be used. House Bill 2702 [https://malegislature.gov/Bills/190/H2707] attempts to remove this misuse of state power.

The Party should pick some issues to make an impact.

Ian has filed this legislation.

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