Spring 2017 minutes

Green-Rainbow Party State Committee Meeting of April 2, 2017


Location:  Tent City, 130 Dartmouth Street, Boston, MA


Present:                                Region:

John Andrews                      First Boston Metropolitan Region

Roni Beal                              Central Region

Brian Cady                            First Boston Metropolitan Region

Arthur Conquest III               First Boston Metropolitan Region

Charlene DiCalogero          Central Region

Darlene Elias                        Western Region

Danny Factor                        Middlesex and Worcester Region

Daniel Kontoff                      First Boston Metropolitan Region

Joyce Palmer-Fortune        Western Region

Manuel Pintado                    Western Region

Nancy Slator                        Western Region

Daphne Stevens                  Western Region

Ralph Walton                        First Boston Metropolitan Region

Elie Yarden                           First Boston Metropolitan Region


Guests and Observers:

Guest:   Adam Friedman – Voters Choice

Guest:  Ben Schattenburg – Voters Choice

Matthew Andrews – Observer

Barbara Clancy – Observer (Assabet River Valley chapter)

Megan Corry – Nominee for GPUS Outreach Committee

Jill Stein (by Skype)

Maggie Zhou (by Skype)



Quorum established: 13 representatives, plus 1 alternate


Co-Facilitators:  Nancy Slator and John Andrews

Stacker:  Manny Pintado

Timekeeper:  Charlene DiCalogero

Minutes:  Roni Beal



An announcement was made about an upcoming Call to Action and mission statement for an International Workers Day.  See May 1 Strike, page 8 for details.


Danny announced that Barbara Clancy of the Assabet River Valley chapter would attend afternoon session of meeting after he leaves the meeting.  Barbara will attend as an observer and may request to be a StateCom representative.


Approval of Meeting Agenda:

A straw poll was called to add several new items to the agenda.

  • Add discussion of replacing treasurer, re Ian’s resignation
  • Straw poll on committee proposal that was tabled from January meeting.
  • Electoral action proposal – on political action planning from January meeting.
  • Endorsing May 1 Mobilization Rally – John recommended a straw poll and let AdCom make the decision whether to endorse this event.
  • Skype – Jill Stein from Dublin and Maggie Zhou in Switzerland.  Jill will address recount and campaign. 
  • Danny – proposed that StateCom make a decision about an email request from Merelice about a date to email the fundraiser letter she wrote or delegate some parameters to AdCom regarding a timeframe to send letter.


Approval of minutes:

Approval of January 28, 2017 minutes were postponed until July StateCom meeting.  Charlene emailed revisions to Roni.


Co-chair’s Message:

Darlene welcomed StateCom members to the meeting.  She expressed concerns about the issue of State Committee’s productivity and lack of deliverable work.  She is concerned about disenchantment with GRP.  She noted that players can change and assign blame, but the bottom line issue, are people doing the work.  Little productive work is being accomplished.  No growth.  We are the Party of rhetoric, not the Party of Action.  We must work together as a team and on individual projects.  We need to pool resources, identify priorities for the GRP and work on the one by one.  We must all work together to recruit a communications director.  It is overwhelming for only one or two people to accomplish this task.  Darlene read Jill’s letter, which does not fully explain the issue of setting up a fund for recount.  Darlene explained what took place at AdCom meeting.  GRP has its own agenda, and there is a need for mutual reciprocity.  Respect is often lacking. 


Arthur – inquired about Jill and commented that she that she may have been overwhelmed with demands on her time.

Darlene – reported that Jill had a large team of help.  She had people that could have assisted her.  It would have been a smoother transition about recount if Jill had contacted John or Darlene or someone on AdCom to the resolve recount issue.



Dan K - reported that he spoke with Ian.  There are people who feel that Jill should step down and let others take the lead in the Green Party.

Elie – cannot resolve political action at this meeting.

John – noted there are 30 other state parties, as well as many candidates are asking for Jill’s time.  Jill is constantly overextended and this must be taken into consideration in interacting with her.



Summer 2017 StateCom Meeting:

The summer meeting designation is Central MA – need a location

July 8, 2017 Saturday, 1st choice, July 15 alternate date – Joyce will StateCom notify later this week if the 15th is okay.

National meeting – maybe held in New Jersey in July.  (Note:  Subsequently, the National Committee determined that the ANM will be held in Newark on July 13 – 16).

Joyce volunteered to be co-facilitator for summer meeting. Manny will be co-facilitator.

Possible location for July meeting is the Quaker meetinghouse in Worcester.

Springfield venue was suggested.


Approval of New Representatives to AdCom:

Charlene reported that Mike Resino was to be voted a new AdCom representative to the Central Mass GRP (CMGR) chapter.  He recently moved to Connecticut to complete his PhD studies, but remains a member of CMGR chapter.  Mike is unable to vote on AdCom because of move out of state and he requested his name not be publicized.  Elie, commented that it is not up to StateCom to make a decision.  Danny added that anyone can be an observer.  Encourage student activities; if someone comes from MA and studies in another state he should be included.  Brian suggested remaining open, but decline Mike to be an AdCom representative.  Joyce noted that the appropriate role would be an observer.  Manny encourages Mike to be an observer.  Nancy had a problem with concealing his membership.  Elie, according to bylaw, article 5, Mike must be a resident.  The main concern blocking Mike’s ability to be a representative is his request not to publicize his name.


Appoint Members to GPUS Committees:

John Andrews submitted an application to serve on Presidential Campaign Support Committee to the Party secretary. 

Each state Party is allowed to have up to four members.  The purpose of the Presidential Campaign Support Committee is to oversee and recruit candidates to run for president and to monitor and exchange information involving presidential debates.

StateCom approved John’s appointment by consensus.  There were no concerns.


Officer reports:

Secretary report

Roni reported that she recorded minutes for six AdCom meetings since the January StateCom meeting.  AdCom met on January 12, 26; February 9, 23; and March 9, 23.  She responded to 13 phone calls or emails on NationBuilder.


Treasurer report

 Ian notified StateCom by email that he posted the March 24, 2017 report to the Green-Rainbow website.  (See last page of minutes for report)


AdCom Co-chair:

Darlene reported that AdCom spent time on Rank Choice Voting (RCV) and voter recount money.  Darlene expressed concern that more has not been accomplished.


May 13, 2017 State Convention:

The following are suggestions made by members for the May convention:

Cosecha – table on immigrant action in Massachusetts

Climate Action Now table

Sanctuary City Movement table

Create Facebook event – to publicize speakers

Black Lives Matter table – check with Gordon Davis

Mass Action & Police Brutality table


Other convention suggestions:

Encourage candidates to be elected for working committees on the national level.  Need capacity.  Darlene requested this be part of convention elections.

Danny has a contact to help with forming a sanctuary city and how to become a sanctuary city.  Fight Citizens United. 

Brian Cady will post ACT-MA.org notice.

Charlene – posted convention to her Facebook and her campaign page.    


GPUS International Committee:

A teleconference call was arranged to speak with Maggie Zhou in Switzerland regarding her application to be nominated to serve on the GPUS International Committee as a representation of the Green-Rainbow Party.


Maggie had no additional information to add to her application since the January 2017 StateCom meeting. 

Danny reported an administrative and residency issue was raised at the January StateCom meeting.  Darlene checked the minutes and reported that the current bylaw prevents appointment because Maggie is not a resident of MA.  A bylaw amendment may be referred to StateCom.  Ralph commented that he had no problem with a special registered voter.  Maggie informed StateCom that she can vote in MA, but not registered as a voter in a specific town.  She still has ties to MA.  She is not a Swiss voter.  The current bylaw was written at a time when this type of situation was not an issue.  Danny expressed no problem with Maggie being a representative, as long as she has a pulse on MA issues.  Darlene noted that procedurally, StateCom will need time to amend the current bylaw to allow her to be a representative.  There is support for Maggie serving on the International Committee, but legally the bylaw must be amended for this to take place. 


Nancy expressed a concern with the candidate.  Nancy friended Maggie on Facebook and she read a wide range of conspiracy theories posted by Maggie without documentation for these theories.  Nancy reported that she cannot support Maggie’s appointment.  Maggie explained that her response to Geoffrey and Nancy was not a good time to answer repeated opposing views.  Maggie reported that as representative she would only contribute to issues related to the International Committee.  Danny noted that he has concerns with conspiracy theory – assertions regarding murders of Charlie Hebdo journalists in France.  We must be critical thinkers, but should not promote conspiracy theories.  Charlene explained that she does not know Maggie and she has concerns.  Dan K. – Maggie’s list of friends are valid.  Her role would be voting on GRP issues, not conspiracy.  Manny has concern, about her view on key values.  Darlene, read posts, spoke with others and did homework, and reported that it is not fair to Maggie because we do not know her.  Sure Maggie knows how GRP functions.  Elie, reinforced Dan K. comments that Maggie’ role as a leader in the peace movement in MA.  She will participate as a Green.  The conspiracy theory issue is a different discussion.  Most recent are Noam Chomsky views on the potential risk of overthrow of the US government.  John recommended amending the bylaw.  He suggested deferring the decision on Maggie’s appointment to next StateCom meeting.  Darlene noted that Maggie has been pursuing being on International Committee and to move to amend the bylaw today and vote.  Arthur, do something to expedite decision and without further delay.  Charlene recommended calling a special meeting to resolve bylaw issue.

Bylaw vote:  no concerns

Charlene will draft amended bylaw.

StateCom will hold special meeting to vote on change and then vote on Maggie’s application.


Maggie – did not send any communication to GRP about her personal views.  John will send suggestions on wording of bylaw to Charlene.


David Gerry referred to a document in the GRP procedures manual.  David reported that he cannot find a copy of the procedures manual.  The manual provides deadlines for elections at conventions.  He made a request to lower the number of signatures on nomination form for offices from ten to five signatures. 


Elie suggested a few organizations to contact for the convention.  Mass Peace & Justice and CDLU and inquired how go about soliciting.  Tables are free for anyone who registers.  Elie volunteered to contact these organizations.


Joyce called for a vote for convention co-facilitators:  Rick Purcell and Charlene DiCalogero were approved by consensus.  No concerns.


Appointments to GPUS committees (continued):

Megan Elizabeth Corry – attended the meeting around 11:30 am.  Megan is registered J voter.  Darlene is working on reactivating GPUS committees.  Darlene has been impressed with Megan’s enthusiasm to serve on Outreach committee.  They have a budget for fundraising and to channel some pilot projects.  Megan will play a key role in the Boston area.  Darlene and Megan will form a team for outreach in MA along with Brian Cady.  Elie commented that Boston area needs help.  Megan’s background in marketing, managing campaigns and speech writing will be beneficial in her Outreach role.  Manny added that Megan’s experience will help with sanctuary cities and black lives matters outreach.  Megan will meet with college age people and a strong core of millennials.  Ralph noted that Megan would be an asset to the GBA chapter.  Charlene commented that Megan will be key to building the party foundation structurally, and supporting new chapters in MA.  Megan’s first step will be contacting chapters.  She is currently forming a new Boston chapter with college students and opening the door to a different demographic. 


There were no concerns with Megan’s appointment to GPUS Outreach Committee.  StateCom approved Megan’s appointment by consensus.


Lunch break: 


Ranked Choice Voting:

Voters Choice representatives, Adam Friedman and Ben Schattenburg attended the StateCom meeting to talk about Ranked Choice Voting (RCV).

Adam made a presentation about Voters Choice Massachusetts work on ballot referendum.  The Amherst charter commission is a strong case for Amherst to elect RCV voting.  Voter Choice is building a coalition and has conducted two light polls.  They are capturing names and emails everywhere they visit.  Voters Choice Massachusetts has established action teams; they have a treasurer and are in the process of writing reports and posters.  There has been exponential growth since last time they spoke with StateCom.  The number of volunteers has grown from 210 to 750 people.


Automatic voter registration has appeal for legislative groups.   Dan Cohen is conducting a message poll to determine what form of RCV voters will support.  There is a great video on RCV, entitled Represent Us.   Adam is working on coalition building.  He made a presentation to NAACP in Boston.  The Mass Voter Table promotes get people out to vote.  We the People, MassVOTE, and Common Cause are all enthusiastic about Voter Choice.  Adam has been working in Lowell with an Umass student who has list of Bernie supporters. 


A letter requesting support was received by StateCom and distributed in the meeting reading package.  John reported that if StateCom supports Voter Choice, approval can be passed onto AdCom for final approval.  Darlene reported that Adam and Ben have been working with AdCom.  Voters Choice is a non-profit and GRP is political party, which are two separate processes.  This was clarified at an AdCom meeting.  By offering the phone list vs. membership, if we adopt this proposal, it will not be the only issue Party will work on.  Coalition building is important.  There are some issues about level of investment with this effort.  It will take a year to push effort forward to educate people to advocate.  Charlene noted that she is in support in principle, but there are some issues.  How we phrase the wording is critical, for example, here is the link to Voter Choice site.  Charlene is not in favor of giving out the member list for phone contact.  Ralph agreed with Charlene about turning over the membership list.  Elie noted that he supports the RCV initiative and it is a value to the Party if it understands what it involves in political action.  Our values are revealed in our actions.  Rob Richy of FairVote is the main source of promotion of RCV.  Taking this on as a political party as a matter of principle affords many people who have been excluded from voting to vote.


Matt Andrews stated that breaking up the two party system is a key objective.  RCV represents ballot access and clean elections, which are urgent for next election cycle.  Darlene a decision must be made on whether or we will provide listserv.  Jill Stein’s listserv will be available as alternative.  Jill’s list is greater than GRP list.  She can also support RCV on the national level.  Ben commented that one on one on phone calls is the best approach.   The script will include the “GRP promotes Voters Choice”.  David Gerry reported that AdCom members have discussed this topic.  Manny inquired how will StateCom members separate the two organizations when communicating.  StateCom supports RCV actions as listed in the Voter Choice request letter with concerns about the phone list still to be resolved.  Darlene suggested that RCV message be reinforced with chapters that we are supporting this effort.   


Jill Stein Skype call from Dublin:

Skyped talk from Jill Stein.


Jill talked about exciting energy across US to Europe. Since election continued Green Party growth and enthusiasm is on the rise.  DNC refused to ban corporate money.  Republicans are having problems.  Trump is already a lame duck president.  New local chapters are forming.  She attended a rally in New Hampshire and chapters are forming as well as in Utah.  In California the Bernie Campaign rolled over to the Green Party.   She attended CA state assembly in Bakersfield, in the heart of chemical country.  There are uprisings – people are going green.  The machine pushes back in a corrupt way.  The FBI is involved in the recount.  There is an ongoing law suit in Pennsylvania.  The Green movement is growing in Sweden, Holland, and England.  People are standing up to Fascist candidates in Holland where there are two special election candidates, successful in raising money.  In Europe, resources have been helpful in answering the call where new parties are located.  She has been working with Matt Andrews in building Green coalition in Massachusetts to make GRP visible.  Jill endorses the May 1 strike, which focuses on immigrant justice – end of root causes of immigration.  Help make GRP visible with street action.  She will bring these issues to AdCom.


Darlene informed Jill that Adam Friedman and Ben Schattenburg were in the room talking about Voters Choice. 

Jill noted that she is proud to be a part of Voters Choice movement.  She will help raise funds and get people excited about RCV.  When people hear there is a voting reform, they are open to reform.  There is great deal of interest in RCV and get rid of electronic voting machines, we need to liberate our vote.  It is critical for all of us.


In regard to recount funds, she apologized for any misunderstandings.  It is easy for communication slip ups.  She has been on the road and did not realize there was a hang up in MA.  She made a commitment to the public on television to return the money in response to media charges of scamming the public by diverting donations to the Party.  She has publically stated that if the money not used for the recount, it would be returned to donors. 


Darlene reported that AdCom voted to return money.  She asked Jill if she will help with fundraiser letter.  Darlene noted that the Party needs some operational money for basic activities.  Jill agreed she would help with the letter.  Fundraise for Voter Choice through GRP.  She is glad to apply fundraiser expertise.  There is excitement with resistance concerning the climate, war, and immigration.  She noted two great visibility ways to raise money.   Have a plan in place to write a letter.  Writing things down is a lesson for all involved.  The draft flyer circulating to StateCom involves a larger proposal, building capacity to strike, a day of mass of non-participation, not a one shot deal.  She will discuss at next StateCom meeting.  Get GRP to sign on.  This is a major pitch to work on.


May 1 Strike:

Matt Andrews distributed a ½ sheet flyer from the May Day Coalition calling for an action on May 1.  It includes a Buy Nothing Day on May 1st.  Immigrants are being blamed for economic problems, terrorizing groups of people.  There has already been a demonstration in Chinatown and protesters marched to the statehouse.  Jill spoke at the rally.  The two page flyer provided by Jill addresses an associated multi-issue resistance movement that is building toward a global strike for people, planet and peace over profit on May 1st, which includes an event in Boston.  BostonMDC and www.act-ma.org.  Sanctuary cities are a top issue in the U.S. and worldwide.  Jill endorses this rally.  This is an issue that connects with other issues, such as environmental, violence, war and resistance to Trump.



30 second comments – Dan K. there will be demonstrations across the state, other towns will be holding May Day events – endorse all.  Charlene, many demonstrations, wants action beyond demonstrations.  Wants strategy. 

Dan K.  people are walking to school, other actions going on the same day.


StateCom endorses May 1st strike – any concerns?  Darlene concern, we endorse, then what?  Each chapter should organize an action to support this effort.  Danny and she work on sanctuary movement. 

StateCom endorsed the May Day event by consensus.


Old Business:


Recount Funds:

John requested guidance from AdCom.  David announced that we need people to help with the work.  No one is in authority to make a decision.  Charlene noted that Ian wants to step down as treasurer, but will go to the convention.  Ian said that he wants this to be a “loving transition” for the Party. Bill Ashley is not sure how he feels about recount funds.  He could be the treasurer to work with Ian.  Roni noted that Bill Ashley resigned from StateCom because of other commitments. 


There are a handful of large donations that should not be difficult to refund.  Nancy inquired about who has the passwords to the accounts.  David has passwords.  Roni, Ian requested help returning funds via PayPal.  Roni suggested a workshop to train volunteers for this task.  Dan K. – Ian taking is a step back, but not sure he will resign position.  Darlene noted that the majority of donations are large, from about 92 people in all.  John, AdCom can pursue.  Darlene recommended taking a vote on whether or not we will return the funds.

Charlene proposed that StateCom vote to return donations to the donors and let AdCom work out the logistics.

Any concerns:  no concerns.  StateCom approved proposal by consensus



John asked how does StateCom go about recruiting another treasurer and solutions.  Manny noted that Ian is still involved as a treasurer.  Darlene noted that Ian did submit a letter of resignation.  Elie reported that Ian will wait for state convention to resign from work.  Charlene recommended sending an email about current open positions on StateCom.  She is happy to share email with other chapters.  Someone may be favorable to serve as assistant treasurer.  David could send email to different chapters.  John asked if we have candidates to fill all the positions on AdCom.  Darlene noted that we under utilize membership.  Brian reported 6,000 members on listserv.  We could advertise on listserv and website.  There is a sense of urgency to fill treasurer position, assistant treasurer, communications director and fundraiser director. 


Dan K. will create a Facebook page and website on convention and will advertise open positions and send an email blast.

David expressed concern with the amount of work being passed onto AdCom.  He added that committees must take on more of the workload.

John an assistant treasurer is worth keeping in mind as an understudy.  This person could take a turn as treasurer and train another assistant treasurer. 

StateCom thanks Ian for his diligent, dedicated service as treasurer and will work with him beyond transition.


Requirement for Committee Membership for AdCom Members:

Nancy raised the issue of committees.  StateCom members serve on one committee (per bylaw).  Proposal asked StateCom to also serve on an AdHoc committee.  David explained duties of committees.  Platform committee is inactive.  David noted that he has no idea where the manual is located for Procedures.  Bylaws committee was proposed to be an AdHoc committee.










Legislative - adhoc

Actions - adhoc

Procedures - adhoc

Platform - adhoc

Technical – adhoc


Elie advised that a special meeting be held to discuss responsibilities for each committee.  Charlene noted that every committee needs leadership.  CDLC is highly productive, but only because she volunteers numerous hours of work.  This could change when she is working full-time.  Dan K. – works on Platform.  Darlene is active with outreach which falls under Membership.  The outreach subcommittee is creating a presence, engaging people and recruiting more members. Darlene and Danny are developing a proposal for a strategic plan to communicate with leadership and the public including ways to move forward. 


Voting on revised proposal:


John – In today’s world, money is raised on the internet by sending exciting emails describing projects that ask for donations.  Money should be coming in via internet, not stamped letters.

Nancy – Asked if there were any concerns with changing some committees to adhoc. 

Dan K. – Expressed a problem with eliminating the Platform committee.

Darlene – Recommended that everyone decide today which committee people will work.


Committee Membership

CDLC – Charlene, Nat, Jonathan Martin, Maureen Doyle, John Andrews

Membership – Brian Cady, Darlene Elias, Daphne Stevens, Dan Kontoff

Fundraising –

Communications – Nancy Slator, Joyce Palmer Fortune, Elie Yarden

Convention – Joyce Palmer Fortune, Roni Beal

Ralph Watson – no committee

Dan Kontoff – volunteered to help with fundraising

John Andrews – CDLC


Not present at meeting

David Rolde

Gregory Williams


Voting on revised proposal:


Yes - 9

No – 2


StateCom Barbara Clancy authorized to vote for remainder of the meeting.


Electoral Action Working Group (EAWG) Proposal from January meeting:

Charlene vetted the proposal and she doesn’t want efforts duplicated.  She advocated forming a special working group focus municipal and state district elections for 2018.  There must be highly capable people on the committee.  Each chapter may suggest candidates for state auditor, secretary of state, and treasurer. Nancy asked if CDLC has a pool of people to draw from the EAWG.  Charlene explained that the working group mission is to find and support statewide candidates and group to focus on candidates.  There might be a coordinator or campaign manager to help.  The goal is to activate all our members to participate.  Brian voiced concern that we do have not enough people to staff a second group. John noted that when candidates are found they tend to bring in volunteers to help, independently of CDLC.  The plan is to form a separate group that is outside of the individual campaigns and will spend time in the group. 


Candidates can easily go their own way.  Fortunately in 2014 candidates worked together and shared information.  If a campaign manager is hired, they may not be familiar with GRP.  Darlene expressed two thoughts.  She found it a challenge recruiting people to help with her campaign.  In nice weather, people are not available to help.  She could have used help with press releases and media.  As treasurer of her own campaign, she was not familiar with the process.  She likes the idea of group help, #4 on the proposal, which must difficult to tap into.  A GPUS candidate school and movement school has been created, but is not supported by GPUS.  Candidates must be more reliant on their own resources.  Charlene has a working relationship with Jordan Berg Powers at Mass Alliance.  They do potentially have other resources.  The key thing is that GRP Bylaws require us to pursue ballot status.  Will we be able to find people from StateCom or chapters to staff campaigns?  Elie reported his experience with his campaign.  He quickly learned that GRP candidate’s wanted to run their own campaigns.


Charlene, the proposal is for StateCom to address.  John commented that if we do not have an established electoral action group, they should consider suggestions in the proposal and report back.  StateCom only meets every three months which is inadequate for supporting rapidly evolving electoral campaigns.  Candidates report to CDLC with questions being raised at every meeting. Announce a new electoral action committee at convention and recruit staff.  John endorses the idea that the electoral action working group should report to CDLC.  Charlene recommended that everybody at the StateCom meeting come up with candidate names (green or independent) and have in place by September 1.  We have exciting some candidates and people are apt to be enthusiastic.  Inviting people to the next StateCom meeting is best way to engage everyone.


Concerns about proposal:


Charlene recommended dropping mention of candidate school

EAWG will report to CDLC

Members must be nominated by StateCom, CDLC or AdCom or chapters.

Election Action Working Group (EAWG) should refer to 1/28 EAWG proposal for possible initiatives.


There was a consensus to adopt proposal with amendments.


Elie asked StateCom to vote for National Committee convention location – Newark, NJ or Portland, OR

Darlene favors NJ because there is an important candidate running for governor in NJ.


There was a consensus to hold the National Committee convention in Newark, New Jersey.


Reports from Chapters:

Dan K. announced Audrey Proctor and spouse started a North Shore local.  Fall River is forming a chapter.  Megan is working on a new Boston chapter.  Barbara, Assabet working on sanctuary town.  Darlene would like to see members from Assabet and sanctuary movement attend convention.  Charlene read report from central MA GRP.  Charlene, CDLC report, average 9 people per liaison.  Working on workshops for convention, Mass Alliance training.  Charlene recruited at Mass Alliance training.  They endorsed Mark Miller a few years ago.  Attended Elect Her conference.  Darlene recommended contact with LIPPI training of women of color.  CDLC has several people committed to running for office.  Invite people to people to convention.  CDLC vets candidates, but cannot stop someone from running on their own as GRP.  


Charlene suggested that all committees post reports on website.

Tax Day GRP will have a table.


Next State Committee:        First choice, July 8, 2017

Second choice, July 15, 2017

                                                Location:  Central Massachusetts


Meeting adjourned:  4:30 pm



Treasurer report from the web site

Legal expenses are to pay for the Green-Rainbow Party trademark.

If the Party desires to hire staff in 2018, the State Committee needs to work to a plan to show that the Party has the ability to raise funds.






2017 Budget

Starting Balance 1/1/2017
























Fund Raising






Bank Fees


















Candidate Contributions












Refunded Contributions






Office Supplies






Nation Builder












Participation – Meetings






Convention – Food






Convention – Rent






Convention – Speaker






Convention – Supplies






State Com – Food






State Com – Rent


















Material (Bumper stickers, T-shirts, Poster, Buttons, etc.)






Volunteer Coordinator






Campaign Events






Volunteer Meetings






MAAPL Donation






Campaign School












Virtual Office






State House News


















Ending Balance 3/24/2017












Prepaid  Rent












Donations/Per Month for Goal






YTD Donation Target






Donations above YTD Target







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