Spring 2019 Meeting

Tent City Apartments, Dow Room, 130 Dartmouth street, Boston, MA. April 7, 2019

8:30am Set-up

9am Credentialing / Call for Quorum / Meeting Start / Cochairs' Address 15 min

9:15am Modify/Approve Agenda: 10 minutes.

9:25am Previous Minutes Approval - 10 minutes

Statecom Minutes 2019-01-26

Statecom Minutes 2019-03-07

9:35am Next Meetings: Set the time for next telecon; 

time and place & choose facilitators for the next quarter's meeting. - 10 minutes

9:45am Appointments to State Committee (10 minutes)

9:55am Annual National Meeting hosting working group report - 10 min

10:05am Chapter Reports and Town, Ward and Committee Reports- 50 minutes

10:55am Break - 5 min

11:00am 2019 First Quarter Financial Report; 2019 Budget Presentation and Approval - 35 min

11:35am Urgent Matters: - 15 min

11:50am Lunch Break - 60 min

12:50pm Approve any new appointments - 20 min

Maggie Zhou to International Committee

1:10pm Proposal 1 – 30 min

1:40pm Proposal 2 – 30 min

2:10pm Break - 5 min

2:15pm Recruiting candidates for 2020 (CDLC) - 10 min

2:25pm Committee Membership Regulation discussion - 30 minutes

2:55pm GRP Name Change discussion - 30 minutes

3:25pm Indexing Policies and Resolutions Working Group - 5 min

3:30pm Round Robin Feedback - 5 min

3:35pm Adjourn and cleanup.

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  • Daniel Factor
    commented 2019-03-28 19:19:31 -0400
    Great job, thanks. Two comments: 1) Chapter Reports appears twice (at 9:45 a.m. and 1:50 p.m. ) Please detete the repetitive item. Also change title to ‘Chapter Reports and Town, Ward and Committee Reports’ 2) In general, it is fine to do committee appointments in the afternoon, but there should be a separate item entitled ‘Any Appointments to State Committee’ (10 minutes) which should be as early as possible on the agenda (I would suggest 9:45 a.m). so that if any new State Com members are appointed, they may immeadeately take part as full voting members.