Green-Rainbow Party State Convention

The Green-Rainbow Party of MA hosted its annual State Party Convention
on May 6, 2023

This was our first in-person GRP Convention since the Covid Pandemic hit us two years ago.


Office Candidate First Place Votes Second Place Votes Total Support
Female Co-Chair        
  NOTO 18   18
  Lois Gagnon 2 0 2
  Jamie Guerin 1 1 1
  Eileen Wheeler Sheehan 1 0 0
  Nelly Medina 1 0 0
Non-binary or Male Co-Chair        
  Mike Pascucci 23 0 23
  David Barkley 0 1 0
  NOTO 0   0
  Brian Cady 23 0 23
  NOTO 0   0
  Maureen Doyle 17 5 17
  Mike (BigMike) Vaglica 5 9 5
  NOTO 1   1
  Mike Pascucci 0 1 0
Communications Director        
  Eileen Wheeler Sheehan 20 0 20
  NOTO 3   1
  Jack Swindlehurst 0 2 0
Membership Director        
  Zachary Kontra 23 0 23
  NOTO 0   0
Fundraising Director        
  NOTO 23   23
Female GPUS Delegate (2 seats)        
  Maureen Doyle 19 0 19
  NOTO 0   0
Non-Binary or Male GPUS Delegate (2 seats)        
  Danny Factor 7 10 17
  Mike Pascucci 13 3 16
  NOTO 3   3
Female GPUS alternate        
  NOTO 22   22
  Maureen Doyle 1 0 1
Non-Binary or Male GPUS alternate        
  NOTO 15   15
  Mike Pascucci 6 1 7
  Danny Factor 2 0 0
Office Candidate First Place Votes Second Place Votes Total Support



Convention Program Highlights

The Annual Convention will be dedicated to our co-founder, Mel King, who died on March 28, 2023, at the age of 94.

"A Giant Tree in the Forest of Humanity"

David Barkley, who worked with the well-known Boston community leader and politician, will offer the opening tribute.


  Keynote Address

g14.png The Lesser Evil Is Over. On With the Greater Good!
 by Jill Stein, our past Presidential and Gubernatorial candidate and a valued speaker at major peace forums in 2023

In so many critical arenas where Democrats have been described as the “lesser evil”, such claims no longer pass the laugh test. This is not to say Republicans are better, but rather that both corporate parties are unacceptable, as they are each driving the existential crises we’re facing—from endless war to crushing inequality, climate collapse, and the assault on democracy. These policy debacles have made the “lesser evil” concept obsolete, and make our fight for independent Green politics more essential than ever.

Democrats, for example, are leading the charge on not one but two deadly cold wars, and Biden's latest military budget is the biggest in history. The Democrats have abandoned their traditional defense of press freedom and led the recent McCarthyite Congressional attack on journalists who've exposed censorship and disinformation committed by Twitter and US security agencies. The Democrats fully supported the recent bipartisan assault on rail workers' right to strike and share joint responsibility for neglecting safety regulations leading to the New Palestine disaster. In using war to justify a massive increase in fossil fuel infrastructure and emissions, the Democrats have also effectively abandoned their climate agenda.

For these and many other reasons, we urgently need independent, Green voices and solutions, not controlled by either corporate party. We must challenge this accelerating drift toward catastrophe with the Green agenda that puts people, planet and peace over profit. In short, the mythology of the lesser evil is effectively over. It's time to double down for the greater good like our lives depend on it, because indeed they do.




Dr._Pat_Berger_sm.jpg g14.png Dr. Pat Downs Berger of MassCare

Dr. Pat Downs Berger is a retired primary care physician who has been active in working toward a Single Payer government-run healthcare system for the last 25 years. Dr. Marcia Angell introduced her to Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP) shortly after her retirement from active practice in internal medicine in 1997. She became an activist for a national health care system based on providing EVERYONE affordable, comprehensive, high-quality medical care. In 2002 she joined Mass-Care, a new state-based organization with a mission to make Massachusetts the first state to have a Single Payer government-run healthcare system that would be an example for the rest of the country.


g14.png Alishia Morales, an organizer with Workers Strike Back, will introduce a new national movement spearheaded by the Seattle-based Socialist Alternative, now taking root in Massachusetts


g14.png "Water: Working Together to Protect Our Vital Assets" presented by DR Paul Mathisen, Director of Sustainability at Worcester Polytechnic Institute


g14.png John "JR" Rivera, organizer with the Tenant's Union of Western MA, will describe tying food insecurities and tenants' rights. 




Election of Officers and Directors of the GRP

GRP members must be present to nominate and/or vote for this year's officers and directors


Panel of Green-Rainbow Past Candidates

Local and State candidates talk about what inspired them to run as a Green-Rainbow Party candidate and how they engaged with their communities.

Charlene DiCalogero    Gloria Caballero Roca    David Barkley    Gus Steeves

Includes Q & A





g14.png The Zen of Climate Change: Causes and Solutions, led by Paul Popinchalk, an engineer experienced in power generation systems.


 g14.png Evren Pallares Ó Laoghaire regarding Local 170 Teamster UPS possible strike.


Silent Auction

Share your talent or your good taste with a donation to our Silent Auction. SEE BELOW;

Contact Maureen Doyle to let her know what you are bringing.


Click here to see what items we have


Stick around for our

  Musical Finale  eighth-note-picture-4-3537224725.png


led by Jack Swindlehurst

Bring your instrument and sign up to perform.



Silent Auction

Turn your talent into a donation!
Feel like you don't have anything to contribute to the silent auction?
Do you have any of the following???
Click Here to See A Sample of Auction Items

Abilities in: landscaping, music lessons, yoga, mindfulness meditation, painting, editing, masonry, childcare, housekeeping?

Do you have products from your gardening or woods, like honey or maple syrup, eggs, herbs, jam, mead, elderberry wine, cider, or lumber?

Do you take pictures or paint pictures? Do you do metallurgy or woodworking?

Do you do face painting or can you be a clown or another character for a kids' party?

Do you do handcrafts, like knitting, crocheting, or macrame? How about tie dye or batik?

Do you have print books or audiobooks to donate?

Can you help someone's political campaign (with extra stakes, sign painting, and paying for sign printing)?

You can donate these things to the GRP silent auction at our May 6th convention! Please call or email Auction Chair Maureen Doyle (508-764-8042, [email protected] ) to confirm your contribution.

Please note, we will report the estimated value of your contributions to the Office of Political Campaign Finance (OPCF) as required by law.


We hope you will join us as we gather to affirm our commitment to People Planet and Peace and lead the way to improve the lives of Massachusetts residents and our communities. 


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