GRP Statecom Minutes 2018-12-21

Attendance: John Andrews, Roni Beal, Hal Brown, Brian Cady, Charlene DiCalogero, Danny Factor, Joshua Gerloff, Daniel Kontoff, David Rolde, Ralph Walton and Elie Yarden.

Quorum: Quorum (7 needed) is reached with 11 attending

Guests: David Gerry

Facilitator: Charlene

Note taker: Josh

Stacker: Hal

Timekeeper: Elie

Per GRP bylaws, we need to elect the following positions:

Membership Director: John Blumenstiel wishes to accept this position.

    • John Blumenstiel couldn’t call in tonight, but is willing to serve through 2019 GRP Convention.
    • Elie: He’s a very considerate person.
    • Brian: He has great ideas
    • Danny: John B. is very level headed and mature.
    • Josh: Agrees. He shows up to events. Also puts much thought into our work.


  • Statecom votes unanimously (11/11) to appoint John Blumenstiel to Membership Director.


A number of people will staff the Fundraising and Finance committee.

  • Fundraising and Finance Committee: Roni Beal, Jamie Guerin, Joanna Herlihy, Dan Kontoff, Jed Stamas and Elie Yarden.
  • They will help the Fundraising Director when that person steps forward.
  • Would anyone like to nominate someone or run? No suggestions.

Action Item: Discuss this with the chapters. Tell Them we need a Fundraising Director and they will have a lot of help!

  • It is better to recruit through the chapters versus email blasts, because we need proven dedication to the party.

Treasurer: Brian Cady has agreed to take on the Treasurer position and commits to serving until GRP Convention in 2019. He also plans to run for Treasurer at the 2019 Convention to serve through May 2020.

    • Brian: “Glad to help and do a good job.”
    • Charlene:  “Pleased that Brian will take this on. We’ve seen his efforts as Interim  Membership Director. This is what it means to be a member of the GRP. Taking care of the membership, steering people to chapters and committees. Alternatives to the Established Political Parties are now met with attacks and attempts to silence us, but we need to look at the bigger picture. Brian has been traveling around the state to vet his proposal. I admire his dedication and support him for treasurer.”
    • Elie: “Brian is very committed. There is no one more ideal for the job.”
    • Josh: “Brian is the best. I fully support.”
    • Danny dropped off the call. (Danny later contacted statecom and said he had an emergency work matter that caused him to leave the call. He says that had he stayed on the call he would have voted yes to elect Brian Cady Treasurer and would have stated that Brian  was particularly qualified.)


  • Statecom votes 9 yes, with 1 abstain, (9/10 in favor) to elect Brian Cady the next Green-Rainbow Party Treasurer.


Winter 2019 Statecom will be Sat January 26, 2019 at St Matthews Church in Acton, MA.

  • Sign in at 9 am.
  • Check, read and comment on proposals.
  • Proposals due December 29, 2018.


  • Everyone is happy to have a dedicated treasurer!

Adjourn 7:41 PM

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