Statecom Minutes 2019-05-30

May 30, 2019 Spring Statecom Call Minutes

Attendance: John Andrews, Matt Andrews, Roni Beal, Hal Brown, Danny Factor, Joshua Gerloff, Dan Kontoff, David Rolde, Jed Stamas and Elie Yarden.

Quorum is 8 voting members. With 10 voting members in attendance, quorum is reached!

Roles: Facilitator: Hal, Time: Matt, Minutes: Josh

Approve agenda:

  • Agenda is approved by consensus with modification.

Linda Thompson seeks appointment to GPUS Outreach and Diversity Committees

  • With no concerns, Linda Thompson is appointed to Outreach and Diversity Committees.

“Clarified Process for Appointing People to GPUS Committees” Proposal: Josh

  • Proposal is amended that the application is understood to be welcoming ie filled out while in dialogue with GRP members.

  • Matt Andrews: Shouldn’t be relying on a piece of paper to be welcoming. We need to be having conversations and helping them through the applications.

  • An amendment to strike that people appear in person or by speaker phone; fails.

  • John: We need to appoint on a belief  that applicants will do a good job. We have an obligation to know the person and their abilities. We need to help the GPUS committees by appointing capable people.

  • Roll call vote: GPUS Appointment Procedure passes unanimously with 10 votes in favor.


Short title: GPUS Appointment Procedure

Sponsor: Joshua Gerloff, Secretary and Statecom member, MDVR

Contact Info: [email protected], 978-335-6650

Co-sponsor: Dan Kontoff, Statecom member

Shephard: Joshua Gerloff

Vetting Committee: Adcom

Background: Each state party must have a clearly defined process for appointing delegates to GPUS committees. The Green-Rainbow Party does not have that. How does one apply for appointment? Is there a timeline for submittal? Does your appointment expire and who needs to keep track of that? Etc.

Proposal summary: The Applicant for GRP Appointment to GPUS Committee or other external organization will fill out an application approved by StateCom and submit at any time by posting to the StateCom business list. (Any StateCom member can post such an application at the request of the applicant.)  If less than two weeks have elapsed between submission and meeting, the application will be taken up at the next StateCom meeting/teleconference. 

Applicant is required to attend the Statecom meeting to answer questions. Or if they can not attend in person, they can call in for a telephone interview. If consensus is not reached, a majority vote is required to approve their appointment.

Notice of appointments should go to the GP Secretary and to the committee co-chairs.  The notice should include the start month and end month of the appointment. If a state party appoints more than their allotted seats, they should say which member they want to drop.   Appointments can be no more than two years. The Secretary will notify delegates of the expiration of their term 1-2 months before the end of that term, or at the State Committee quarterly meeting before their term expiration.

Financial impact: none.

Implementation: Joshua will update the GRP Secretary’s Handbook with these new responsibilities. Josh will create a post / web page / etc informing the GRP membership of this procedure with links to GPUS Committees page and an invitation to serve. Josh will set up a calendar page (or something) on the GRP website which will automatically notify future GRP Secretaries of waning appointments.

Statecom regional representation

  • Elie and D. Rolde
  • David won't be present so move to July 14??

Party name change ad hoc committee needs members

  • Roni joins.

  • Danny: Been talking to Attorney Michelle Tassinari at SOC Elections Division. Happy to be a liaison with her and get back to the committee.

Convention report:

  • Roni submitted report to Statecom business list.

Announcement: Elie: Summer Statecom Greenfield July 14, 2019, Sunday.

Round Robin:

  • Danny: Thank you to Sec for quorum, role call votes and notetaking. And Hal for facilitating this telecon: has a steady and non-confrontational demeanor.

  • Hal: The agenda had confusion. Thanks to everyone for working with me.

  • John: Appreciate we stumbled through, but got it done. How to handle things. Josh reworked the proposal. Made clear.

  • Elie: Thanks Josh for clarity. Formatting is important.

  • Josh: Thanks for participating. This was a good call.

  • Bc: Thanks Hal for facil and Josh for notes, role call, etc.


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