Statecom Minutes 2019-10-05

GRP Statecom Minutes October 5, 2019

Worcester Friends Meeting House, Pleasant St, Worcester


People present: Joshua G(facil), Dan K(facil), Matt A, John A, Hal B, David R, Elie Y, Charlene D, Frank J, Priscila E, Roni B, Brian C, Mike V, Garrett C


Topics discussed:

Convocation – Dan K, Joshua G,

Agenda – discussion.

Cochairs greeting: Climate crisis & _______ ten key values in tension decentralization versus future focus , … retreat could develop state, national [focus?]

Worcester city council passed climate emergency declaration – GRP victory

‘think and act both globally and locally’


Mini-retreat update Jan 18 (snow date Jan 25th) for active leaders 30-70 + childcare [OCPF?]

location set – facilitators – Aorta/Cynthia Espinosa/ Linda Thompson [Cathy Hoffman]: food committee to prepare brown bag or hot lunch. Budget draft (Facil $1,200 + venue 20 + food $400 = ~$2000). Q1. Outside facilities? Q2 un-directed time together for developing understanding.

  1. Outside facil? Comment about Charlene….. ‘Democrat...’

PE: Aorta facil. Priscila knows respects. 

  1. Need breaks – so we can get to know each other.
  2. Object  to comments about leaders.
  3. Have Corp. experience, 

JA: Businesses experience can be valuable – External facil. Have been good. But must not bring their own agenda. Training for what end? Type of training depends on priorities. Earlier meeting on priorities. 

Break now - meet 5 minutes more, after break.

DK: Retreat to build party different focus than other times.

EY: good idea – suggests approving starting, then fundraise for that purpose. 

MA: training for what purpose, get guidance from external then facil internal?

EP: Priorities for retreat. Seeks issues summit notes.

JG: internal 

CD: Worc. Friends Venue insufficient for 70 – Camelot seats 100 – kitchen - suggest Camelot Jan 18th, keep Jan 25th as snowdate.

DR: $1,200 & why 


MA: $2,000 seems steep. 1/3rd of 2019 proceeds toward this request. Say $800 could be OK.

PE: [Are we ready to fundraise as a team?] 

MV: Ask each chapter, as CD suggested, what are their goals. Yet 1/3rd is a lot. 

Propose that earmark $2,000, with caveat, needs syllabus; come back for final approval when syllabus.  

PE: Holiday – hard to 

EY: $2,000 little - attitudes toward to party.

DK: fundraising letter to all in party for donation

8 yes – 2 no, 3 abstentions 

David Gerry,    (re-)appointment

Frank Jeffers:

  1. created database on ______, away from supposition. Sent emails with urls.

Database Available on request from Frank Jeffers.

  1. Who is in eco-action? Trying to keep track.


CD: reports from Nat . Committee members would be nice. Proposes regular email reports from Nat. Comm.

EY: 1st as delegate/alternate in Platform Comm [Nat’l.] States are not well represented

every state affiliate and nat’l. caucus can appoint 3 members to [subcommittees]. Quarterly report.


MV: [5 min] running for MA Senate. Hindu / Green Party compatibility, Hindu central message compassion. Run for Senate not a one year campaign, toward green state. Ten Years deadline.

We have to be making political decisions [as governing party]. 

Q1. Senators job - foreign policy, domestic. 

MV: Willing to learn - principle peace. 

DR: concern about campaign not being seen as associated with right-wing Hinduism.

MV: extremists everywhere, not more prevalent in Hinduism - 

HB: not worried 

JA: Ballot access – needs major effort 10,000 verified, can campaign get 17,000 raw signatures. 

MV: Campaign can’t alone get 17,000, needs party. About galvanizing ten year campaign.

GC: ?two-sides of nuclear power? 

MV: Consumption is the problem - population growing. Energy ½% is renewable, rest non-renewable. 

MA: Endorse OK Sticker candidate. 

DK: signature gathering excuse to build party.

JA: 17,000 raw signatures for 10,000+ certified. Party cuts off before September Primary. 9,000 (more time better weather) gathered for previous slate party-wide effort , expects we can get just 9,000 for Maha. Fe

CD: confused Maha: presentation vs application – finance support asked for? Feb – April signature gathering – difficult.

JA: In-kind donation - 

EY: Maha has skills asks that be endorsed so can give.

DR: Write-in final election? Sign gathering 17,000 needs more since D, R L can’t sign.

CD: No

JA: in local election must get write in = to signatures needed attachment: and that we ask him with a detailed plan for ballot access.

HB: Previously GRP = designation, easier.

PE: Ask Maha in future? How much of Hindu community will support?

CD: Two proposals – problem. Maha’s and JA: - huge ask = ____ Asks for plan in next month. 

EY: When begin [Feb] Maha V, could be a good candidate.

DR: Favors Endorsement - 

MA: Endorse not enough without Maha’s strategy. Need 2020 party strategy. 

CD: heard differently ‘I can’t get on ballot myself’. Time allows much. Maha Draft Plan needed

PE: Language self-deprecating too much. Cultural approach to explain.

7 yes – 7 abstentions

Maha Endorsed


Break til 1:15pm


Facilitators and date.

Nomination versus endorsement discussion. Both allow support financial editorial. Endorsement. More fits. 

Deliberation on Maha Vishnu, running in primary for Senate. Sticker candidate?

March regional conventions 10 days after primary.

Danny as facilitator? No W/ Barbara Clancy?

Mike V.

First proposal is Veganism – Violence to animals must end now. 

JG: poll # of vegans 3+?% 1% = 60,000 Mass vegans expected.

[Animal welfare as confusion: “cage-free eggs”, “pasture-raised beef”, etc are flying off the shelves. These measures have increased harm to animals. Regenerative Agriculture as half measure, is being used to justify animal consumption by the eco-confused.] 

JA: Includes much morality – problem for political parties doing coalition work,  97% non-vegan alienate supporters . Let’s not be confrontational - wording changes to not offend. 

JG: [How offensive]?

HB: let’s not offend, but aligns with our values.

DK: JA and JG work together?

DR: two concerns counterfactual 1. animal ag. is main cause of climate crisis - wrong

  1. unhealthy to eat animals  - questionable. 3. we shouldn’t call for individual rights for animals.

MV: as non-vegan, proposal seems more educational.

Worked with small farmers – fisher – native - 

EY: veganism mentioned of national program once. 

CD: message promote not require. supports

PE: concerns implementation unrealistic. Against key values diversity, justice. 

MA: [for]…. 

PE: transition to vegan policy difficult. Concede social justice. 

DK: concerns will not step aside

JA: concerns

Consensus fails on veganism falls to vote: vote 5 -yes, 7 -no, 2 abstain.

Straw poll on team working  with JG ( JA, PE), 10 yes 1 no 0 abstain 


DR: anti-military proposal. Nat’l Deadline changed to sept. 30.

MA: In Platform?  Q…… 

FJ: Unrealistic – need for forces  - Islamic extremism, like other extremism.

JA: Zero budget too much. Too hard to argue in public. 

DK: 2019  - now don’t need to police the world. Zero too extreme.

HB: too extreme. Military many purposes,

MV: WWII wiped out entire family. 

GC: Presidential material

JG: Self-defense.

PE: Feasibility – transition plan needed. 

DR: Imperialism – problem is any support.

CD: Studied non-violence peace. Gene Sharp. Nat’l Non-violent national defense.

EY: groups do better making proposals. 


CD: If included nonviolent national defense promotion.

EY: concern that nonviolent national defense could include missile shield

DR: concern that nonviolent national defense amendment isn’t thought out enough and doesn’t have support

Vote on CD’s amendment: “... small fraction of former military funds will be used to create a nonviolent national defense. “ 

[2/3rds needed. ]

5 yes – 4 no – 4 abstensions 


proposal For total elimination of US military.

6 yes – 3 no - 4 abstain. Passes by vote


Movie at e5 Oct 20? on RCV.  W/ Sat Rep Brownsberger.

Ari Jaheel. Spoke on RCV at No. Shore.

MA: Should be major focus. Making agenda instead of trailing along.

MV: Opposed Voter Choice Mass, RCV.

Boston events: Boston Veggie Fest Oct 20th. Honkfest.

Regional convention 2020 needs planning.

Round Robin comment on meeting…. Adjourn.


Decisions made:

Agenda approved by consensus.

Summer July 2019 – minutes – approved minus a certain section by consensus.

Summer August 2019 Telecon – minutes – David R concerned about __check email__ and round robins record - steps aside – approved by consensus with concerns expressed.

Treasury report approved by consensus.

$2,000 for retreat approved by vote. 8 yes, 2 no, 3 abstain.

David Gerry re-appointed by consensus to ___ Committee.

Frank Jeffers re-appointed by consensus to Eco-Action committee.

Elie Yarden re-appointed by consensus to Platform committee 

7 yes – 0 no – 7 abstentions - Maha Vishnu voted endorsed

Next StateCom teleconference: Thursday Nov 7, 2019, 7pm

By consensus before next statecom telecon ask Maha to give detailed plan on how to get votes.

Next statecom in-person date Jan 4 or 5, 2020 [snow-day11 or 12]  with Barbara C? (Mike V.) & Matt A. at Acton/Framingham, MA. Ask Framingham people about venue.

JG, JA, PE will work on vegan proposal together.


Vote on CD’s amendment: “... small fraction of former military funds will be used to create a nonviolent national defense. “ 

[2/3rds needed. ]

5 yes – 4 no – 4 abstensions 


proposal For total elimination of US military.

6 yes – 3 no - 4 abstain. Passes by vote

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