Statecom Minutes 2019-11-23

Special Statecom Minutes November 23, 2019


Facilitators: Dan K and Roni Beal. Notes: Mike V. Stacker: Karen B. Vibes: Brian C.

Attendance: Dan, Roni, Mike, Joshua Gerloff, Karen Boutet, Danny Factor, Elie Yarden, John Andrews, David Rolde, Linda Thompson, Karen Boutet, Brian Cady, Jed Stamas.


Quorum Call is 12


Danny's Motion to seat all alternates

-Passes by consensus

Agenda Awaiting Approval:

Brian's Motion: 45 minutes on each item, with a 15 minute possible extension on each item

approved by consensus


1)Addressing the Complaint Letter by the 5 of the 7 (now 9) presidential candidates (printed for meeting)


Title: Joint Call to Action Statement


David Rolde was given 7 minutes to speak as one of the 7 "inactive" candidates

John Andrews was given 7 minutes to speak in opposition to the GRP 5 candidates


As of 11/23/2019, there are 9 candidates, 5 of which that wrote this letter, and only 2, Dario Hunter and Howie Hawkins, have achieved “official recognition” by GPUS as presidential primary candidates, which entails “demonstrat[ing] a level of grassroots support within the Green Party and a level of legal and financial organization by satisfying these criteria, including gaining signatures of support from at least 100 Green Party members. (quoted from PCSC webpage ).


Motion by John (emailed 23:49 11.22.2019) :  The GRP State Committee hereby commends the GRP Convention Committee for the work it did in 2019 to provide the Party with a productive and well-run state convention.  We further find that they did not act in a biased or prejudiced manner with the intention of promoting or disadvantaging any potential presidential candidate. (the revision excluded the last sentence)


Straw Poll of a Motion by Danny : Statecom GRP agrees with the 5 candidates complaints, to the extent that the PCSC is setting to many limits by keeping too many of the presidential candidates off the ballots.


Vote on John's Motion First:

many concerns addressed

7 in favor

5 opposed

Motion Passes


Straw Poll by Danny:

6 in favor

6 in opposition

Contentious- Will return to this poll later

PEP printed to reference


The Delegate Selection Plan for 2020 is consistent with the PEP, and the motion by John Andrews is on the floor to approve this revised PEP, as created by Adcom and the PCWG. John is the Co-Chair of the PCWG and, in order for the GRP to not use the default plans from 2015, this document is urged to be voted on today. Included in the document are the deadlines meant for PCWG to correspond to.


Several concerns about fundraising in a presidential candidate's campaign


The PEP had an addition to article 2.1 part c, to address if the candidate participated in debates in different states and if they have used self-funding for their campaign.


Need to resume this discussion on the PEP for 12/14


Straw Poll taken to reconvene for 12/14, we would have quorum

Candidate should agree with the main stances on the GRP


Danny: Straw Poll on accepting the PEP as John printed it, agreeing with all points on section 2.1 (a,b,c...) with typo revisions, being decided by Adcom


6 in favor

6 opposed


Josh Proposed to telecon 12/5 along with Adcom, not voted on.


Motion by Danny : To submit a written request an extension after 12/13 to submit the names The co-chairs or the secretary of the party shall request an extension on the candidate list for 12/17 by 5pm. No officers in the party will submit the names of the candidates prior to the 12/14 Statecom meeting. Meeting logistics TBD.


passed by consensus


Motion to Adjourn

2) Deliberate and Approve the Presidential Election Plan (PEP) [as constructed by the PCWG]


Danny Motion: This item ^ shall be interpreted as the possibility that Statecom will be empowered to make the final decision as to which candidates will be on the ballot.


Motion Withdrawn

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