Statecom Minutes 2019-03-07

Attendance: John Andrews, Matt Andrews, Roni Beal, Brian Cady, Charlene DiCalogero, Danny Factor, Joshua Gerloff, Mike Pascucci, David Rolde and Elie Yarden.

  • Quorum is 8: With 10 voting members on the call, quorum is reached!
  • Guest: David Gerry.
  • Facilitator: Matt.
  • Notes: Josh.
  • Time: Elie.
  • Approve the agenda: the agenda is approved.

Clarified Process for Appointing People to GPUS Committees

Short title: GPUS Appointment Procedure

Sponsor: Joshua Gerloff, Secretary and Statecom member, MDVR

Contact Info: [email protected], 978-335-6650

Co-sponsor: Dan Kontoff, Statecom member

Shephard: Joshua Gerloff

Vetting Committee: Adcom

Background: Each state party must have a clearly defined process for appointing delegates to GPUS committees. The Green-Rainbow Party does not have that. How does one apply for appointment? Is there a timeline for submittal? Does your appointment expire and who needs to keep track of that? Etc.

Proposal summary: The Applicant for a GPUS Committee or other external organization will make their intentions known to the GRP Secretary via an online or paper form 2 weeks before Statecom meets. Applicants will be placed on the Statecom Agenda no sooner than 48 hours prior to the Statecom meeting. Applicant will attend the Statecom meeting to answer questions. Or if they can not attend in person, they can call in for a telephone interview to compliment a written statement sent via email to [email protected]. When necessary, ranked choice voting shall be used to determine majority-prefered candidates. The GRP Secretary shall record the name, contact information, date appointment begins and date appointment ends. The Secretary or their designee will notify Delegates of the expiration of their term 1-2 months before the end of that term, or at the State Committee quarterly meeting before their term expiration.

Financial impact: none.

Implementation: Joshua will update the GRP Secretaries Handbook with these new responsibilities. Josh will create a post / web page / etc informing the GRP membership of this procedure with links to GPUS Committees page and an invitation to serve. Josh will set up a calendar page (or something) on the GRP website which will automatically notify future GRP Secretaries of waning appointments.

Charlene takes notes for this part of the meeting.

Josh Gerloff as sponsor of the proposal gave a brief overview of what the proposal is, and why he made it.

Facilitator opened the stack for questions only before proceeding to amendments and discussion (NOTE: proposal was tabled after questions and a few suggestions made.).

Qs to proposal sponsor

Danny: Have you looked at suggestions made this evening via email from John and David?

Electing GPUS National Comm Delegates is separate from this process and happens at State Convention.

Josh: no, I didn’t see them.

David Rolde: What is guidance from GPUS about recommending people for GPUS Committees?

John: GPUS says State Committee needs to recommend people to working committees, but doesn’t specify how.

David Gerry: GPUS says each state committee has to have a written democratic process for recommending people. We can decide what that process is.

Josh: There were rules I wasn’t aware of when I took the job of Secretary.

John: What does 48 hrs in advance mean? Why not send email?

CD: Do you mean “no sooner” or “no later” than 48 hours before the StateCom meeting? Are these Working Committees?

DG: All GPUS Committees other than the National Committee are Working Committees.

CD: Would you like to withdraw this proposal and work on it some more before re-submitting?

JG: Yes, I’d like to put in a little more work.

EY: Suggestions: Not all subcomms of National Comm have same rules for app’t. For those with no other specification, I suggest:

  1. Post on website: names of all people serving and date of term
  2. Secretary informs delegate of expiration 3 mos before end of that term. At next statecom, we will act on it.

BC: suggest the topic be tabled, and allow Josh, John and others work on revising.

CD: called for roll call vote on tabling this proposal.

MA: Robert’s Rules of Order does not allow discussion of tabling. We don’t use those rules, but we also don’t have an alternate procedure.

CD: We could go down a rabbit hole of discussing whether to table. Let’s go ahead and consense/vote.

JA yes

MA yes

RB yes

BC yes

CD yes

DF no

JG yes

MP yes

DR no

EY yes

Proposal is tabled.

Moved to discuss Budget at 8:15pm

Discussion of budget: principles, info gathering, proposed revisions

Brian Cady spoke about some changes he made to the proposed budget introduced at Winter 2019 Statecom, which he also submitted via email.

On Tue, Mar 5, 2019 at 4:56 AM briancady413--- via StateCom <[email protected]> wrote:

Here's a proposed 2019 budget draft.

I'm changed this from what was proposed at Winter 2019 Statecom by:

-Reducing Merchandise purchasing to 600 from 1,000, while increasing Sales to 1,200 from 1,000, to better reflect our merchandise margin. 

-Increasing Postage from 100 to 500, as we don't have access to non-profit rates currently, and to allow for increased mailings. ($165 was spent on postage last mailing)

-Increased Office Supplies from 40 to 200, to reflect anticipated costs of printing many mailings at home. ($80 was spent on supplies last mailing)

-Increased Printing to 2,000 from 1,000, to accomodate more outreach and newsletters this year.(None was spent on printing this past mailing; printing was done in house)

Earlier changes include:

-Raising Nation Builder to reflect increased costs of going up a tier in charges.

-Raising Participation to accommodate ANM-related expenditures this year.





Initial Balances


Sustainer Donations


Bank Fees


Misc Donations


Candidate Fund




Nation Builder


Office Supplies


Participation Fund






Web Domains


State Com




Merchandise - Purchasing


Merchandise - Sales


Convention - Donations


Convention - Auction


Convention – Rent


Convention – Speaker


Convention – Food


Convention – Supplies


Campaign School - Donations


Campaign School – Food


Campaign School – Rent


Campaign School – Supplies



2019 Projection: Income - Expenses


2019 Ending Balances Forecast


Operating Reserve


Anticipated Available Funds, 12/31/2019


  • There was some discussion on the proposed budget.
  • Budget will be vetted by chapters and committees, that the numbers make sense to their activities.
  • Budget will be finalized at Spring 2019 Statecom.

Meeting Feedback

  • Elie: Less floundering!

Adjourn 8:52 PM

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