GRP Statecom Minutes 2020-01-04 (Winter 2020)

Decisions Made:

  1. The GRP demands a moratorium on 5G implementation in MA until a full, extensive and independent assessment of the technology is completed and public hearings are conducted and that 5G is proven safe for people and the environment.

People Present: 

StateCom Regular members:

John Andrews, Matt Andrews, Dan Kontoff, David Rolde, Charlene DiCalogero,  Linda Thompson, Joshua Gerloff, Danny Factor, Jed Stamas, Bryn Tattan


StateCom Alternate members:

Mike Vaglica, Jasper Lapienski, Arthur Conquest III, Karen Boutet, Jamie McLaughlin 


(Noted: 1 member in the hospital, we wish Elie a speedy recovery)



Lisa Richards, Tar Larner, Barbara Clancy, Manny Pintado, Joyce Palmer-Fortune, Lois Gagnon


15 members 

Facilitators: Matt, Mike V, 

Notes: John, Brian

Stacker: Jed,

Timekeeper: Section: Karen, Per person: Charlene,

Vibes: Jasper, Dan K

Parliamentarian: John A.


Seated: alternates today: Karen, Arthur, Jasper, Mike V, Jamie M, 

Bryn seated as Member.

Barbara C declines alternate.

Jasper L. resigned from StateCom alternate position at this meeting.

Approve Agenda: Agenda as modified/shortened memorial at 15min, by vote 8 Y, 5 N…approved


Approve Minutes:

Minutes Oct 5th passed by consensus; Nov 7th passed by consensus, Nov 23rd passed by consensus

Dec 14th   Minutes tabled. Concerns expressed

Taping minutes discussed, tabled.


Co-chair greeting (Charlene): How can we respond to issues that affect the most people? 

We need to invite people in, go out to events run by under-represented constituencies.


11:21 am John Andrews, notes, below:

Brian Cady, GRP Treasurer, passed around the Treasurer’s Report.  Donations in 2019 were 153% of expectations.  This includes convention income.  $400 came in via dues. 


End balance at the end of 2019 was $11,531.


CDLC has asked for $2500 for the Candidate’s Fund. 

Participation support request is $3000 which supports travel to the Presidential Nominating Convention in Detroit.  


Net change would be plus $356. 

We made a double payment for convention rent - I corrected it.  We are paying $550 to the Unitarian Church in Worcester for convention rental. Child care expenses are not allowed as a political expense.

Linda said she wants to work on organizing a retreat.  She also wants to have a holiday fundraising party.  Important to have a comradely atmosphere.

  • There is no budget for a mailing on the primary (3000 GRP voters could be mailed. )
    • Agreed to drop $1000 from promotions.  Available funds at year’s end are now $1356.
    • John Blumenstehl is working on video production.


Charlene: Recommend short videos. Budget is a guideline. That said, need to monitor.
Mike V: preview video before posting?


Danny: I move that we request a plan from Membership for the promotion budget.


Brian: We can reduce promotion budget to $800 pending approval of the remainder, $2500 for video.  Reduce promotions budget to $2135 of which $1250 is for videos. 


Matt:  Any major changes (to dues process and other?) or new expenditures need to come back to StateCom.
Think 2-3 years down the road, strategically (about fundraising?). 


Budget touches on a lot. Like to be closer to balanced. Should spend double what we’re bringing in. If video successful, dues will rise.


Bryn: We can recruit volunteers to help with design work to be part of MDV (should primarily work on ComCom?).


Charlene: Give half requested funds for video, and ask for more detail. Don’t want to stop them from moving forward. Ask for remainder when needed.


We’re improving. More input from Working Committees. Need to see results of our projects that spend $.

Motion from Danny attached to budget by consensus:  StateCom suggests use of sustainable materials (if available) for banners.  Chapters are asked to contribute funds to augment the GRP budget.

Brian: There is $824 in the bank for which I can’t track the source.  I’m trying to track this down.

John A.: We are a legislative body.  Our responsibility is to approve the budget.  If you have ideas for a good action, join a working committee.  When a working committee has a great idea, they very quickly need money (e.g. printing flyers, renting a meeting room, paying for a bus to take people to a rally in Washington DC, etc.).  StateCom must provide money for this but we don’t plan all the action.

Brian: Under Convention donations, some people pay registration and others at same time make additional donations.  Hard to separate this in bookkeeping.

Linda: If you look at what Jill did in her campaign, she raised millions of dollars.  We don’t yet have the fundraising mentality to do something similar.  We need to be much more ambitious in fundraising. Wants to join FinFun Comm.

Jasper: GRP can’t tell me what they will do with my $50 donation.
Lisa:  Participating on the street will bring people into the party.

Jamie:  I will pay my dues.  There is no clear path of what to do to get people to pay their dues (online?).
Mike V: make fundraising button more visible.


Brian C. :Matt A shepherd dues? Starving for funds and volunteers/active members.


Josh: We can have a blitz of emails to solicit dues.
Jamie: What is the deficit? Can we do fundraising that doesn’t cost money?

Linda’s Motion as amended by Danny: Motion to approve the budget as revised and refer budget to Fundraising Committee to seek ways to improve 2020 income and reduce the 2020 deficit.  StateCom had two strong sentiments: Pursue more aggressive dues (with low income provisions) and use promotions that emphasize issues that connect with people.
• Above motion was passed by consensus.


- Memorial Service for Joanna H? When? Her persistence remembered. ‘Didn’t want a memorial service’ Barbara C. ...She worked on many issues, including anti-foreclosure, public banking. Member of GPUS Platform Comm, Cambridge chapter, GBC.


- Memorial Service for Chuck T, RCC, 10am-1pm?, Jan 9h, 2020 – Created trades training program, ...Dan K “one of best people at City Hall.” John A: “tireless, principled advocated. FBI investigation unjustified. JIll and John filed complaint against FBI.


- Secretary’s report – Indexing underway, Found bylaw changes not included.

Requested latest voter rolls.

  • Josh created a poll, which he says was “hackable” to “float to membership” opinions on presidential primary candidates on ballot. 39 or more “legitimate” by JG’s guess.
  • CD: a FB poll is not a state convention, which is the case Josh was trying to make.


- Chapter Reports


- NSC – Cochairs Bonnie, Joshua,  avg. attendance 3. member Chelsea against the War.

…. Priorities: Anti-war, feeding homeless, Veganism..


- GBC - $200+ in bank, Banner effort underway. Colombian activist partnership,

Usually have 7-10 members monthly. Tuesday Jan 14th AFSC, 


- South Coast – Eileen, treasurer, members are issues committed, to RCV, bag ban, Maha met with SCC in Oct., asked them to support candidates at all levels. Sean and Justin on leave.


- CMGR – quorum usually met. Climate emergency actions, 5 current elected out of 10+ members,


- Assabet – Engaging with police about racial bias in arrests in town of Assabet, protest at local prison, select board candidate for ___


- PVC, Contingent here to protest bad treatment of Charlene’s, support Co-chair. Lois G. Manny P are chapter co-chairs for three month intervals. 9 active members, 5 RCV supporters, Venezuela protest & support. & stop sanctions.

Fundraiser planned for defense embassy protectors, Bolivia partnership underway, homeless support, Greenfield efforts, Sun Jan 19th next mtg. Facial surveillance stopping efforts. Drivers Licence effort.

How do people find out re: StateCom?

Charlene: website, and reps on StateCom, AdCom, Working Committees.


At least 3 chapters worked on RCV.


- Regional Convention Planning – Presidential Year event – Regional conventions after presidential primary (Mar. 3rd) ) before 1st /2nd (weekend) in April - Statecom delegates (gender balanced) – what kind of help do regional people need. Maps discussed. Rosters needed of voters & donors/dues-payers.

Election Candidates: Charlene Worcester and middlesex, Danny F middlesex and Worcester Please update cochairs by Jan 26th. - 


Co-chairs should write SoC to get results of March Presidential primary in timely fashion.  


- committee reports -


- CDLC – Cochairs John A, Charlene 5 active members PCWG has Yasmine, Joyce, John. A.

Delegates needed  - fill out application, email to support voting in March Primary.

$ to help people go to Nat’l. Pres Nom Convention. In Detroit, 11 electors needed, fill out a form.


- LegislativeComm - 1st Monday 2-5 @ telecon, late in legislative calendar, exploring working relationship with Adcom. Lic, Indigenous legislative agenda, Promise act. - Roni left legiscomm. ?Meet with DSA Legiscomm? Priority: mission statement.


- MDVC – Outreach to Campus groups, Banners, Video creation & distribution. Mission is “… “. Overstocked items. Jamie wants to rejoin.


- Renaming working group: Lois, Maureen, Joshua; Juan Sanchez resigned “Infighting”

Josh contacting SoC remains unanswered – Danny F offered to contact SoC counsel in writing, Elizabeth volunteers to go to SoC. ‘G’ pursued, but…

- Convention Planning Committee - needs members, leadership. @ worc central cheap, but Boston needed. Jasper has a venue;  Linda, Dan K, Matt, are now members.


- Tech Comm David G. needs members with tech savvy.


Next Statecom – facilitators, (will have handbook avail, need party experience): Charlene, maybe Dan K?, Location: Assabet? Framingham? Ipswich? Josh has a list of venues: ...

Early April is the first meeting of the 4-year cycle. 

Telecon before Mar 3rd, when old statecom ceases to exist.


First Proposal: 5G: text proposal:

“The GRP demands a moratorium on 5G implementation in MA until a full, extensive and independent assessment of the technology is completed and public hearings are conducted and that 5G is proven safe for people and the and the environment.” Maureen, John, Josh, 

Passes by consensus.


Round Robin: adjourned at ?


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