GRP Special State Committee Minutes 2020-03-25

Decisions Made:

  1. The regular Spring 2020 StateCom meeting is postponed at least 1 month.
  2. The GRP State Convention is postponed to Sept 26, 2020.
  3. Josh will send Doodle polls to determine meeting times for 2 upcoming State Committee teleconferences.

People Present: Charlene DiCalogero, Mike Vaglica, Joshua Gerloff (Facil), John Andrews, Matt Andrews (time), Danny Factor, Elie Yarden, Roni Beal, Brian Cady (notes), Dan Kontoff.


Quorum: With 10 StateCom members present, quorum achieved.


Guests: David Gerry, Lois Gagnon, 


Topics Discussed:

30 minutes for: each of two proposals.

Schools closed until May 4th, Covid peak (beforehand) Danny: supports proposal, ?: after April 5th, then officers assigned.

David: When new is Statecom only Charlene and Danny after regional conferences, appoint regional conf

Danny: Concern: Whether elected at regional convention automatically, doesn’t want to have a two-person Statecom for maybe two months.

Charlene: Bylaw section 8.5.8 has only four things to be done. Appoint secretary, treasurer, set date adjourn., Co-chairs continue from last state convention.

Charlene: Next Statecom meeting orientation & training where officers & Danny F and Charlene.

Break up meetings. Doodle poll after regional conventions for 2nd training Statecom

Postpone April 5th Reg Statecom 2nd, Doodle polls 1. training, 2. other business

By consensus: 30 minutes each proposal

Proposal #1: Postpone Regular Spring StateCom meeting, originally scheduled for 4/5/20 for at least 1 month. 

passed by vote:

Joshua Yes

Mike V: abstain

Brian: yes

Elie: …no

John: yes

Matt: yes

Danny: yes

Charlene: yes

Roni: yes

Jed: abstain

Dan: yes


vote: 8-1-2: Yes-No-Abstain


Proposal #2: approve the State Convention Planning Committee plan to postpone the State Convention to Sept 26, 2020, at the First Unitarian Church, Worcester, due to the pandemic

Postpone May 30th to Sept 26

Including extending various officers.

Mike V:

  1. Confirm payment made? Brian: made.
  2. Planning Committee report on date.

Roni: three dates available - voted to accept Sept 26,

David Gerry: When State Convention changed, officers terms extended or shortened to fit.

Summer to Fall to May. [worked OK]


Joshua: yes

Mike V: yes

Brian: yes

Elie: yes

JohnA: yes

MattA: yes

Dany: yes

Charlene: yes

Roni: yes

Jed: ….

Dan Kontoff: yes

vote: 10-0-0:Yes-No-Abstain

Agreed: 11am April 5th 2020 Short Statecom - Organizing meeting: officers OK? Danny: OK, Charlene: OK, Brian: OK, Joshua: OK.

Doodle Poll: two meetings 1st Training 90-minute. 2nd Business.

Joshua will do a Doodle poll. Update SOC with new Statecom members and vote/decisions,

Gender Parity, vote totals.

Interference with another electronic device. Let’s understand that conference calls can work.

All telecon tools have more post-covid traffic. Speaker phones may cause problems.

Joshua: apologize for static. Entire world is now telecon-ing. We can dial in ‘off the hour’ (not on the hour) for dial-in time.

Charlene: Thanks to all:



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