Statecom Minutes 2020-04-05

Decisions Made:

  1. Joshua Gerloff is appointed GRP Secretary.
  2. Brian Cady is appointed GRP Treasurer.
  3. The next State Committee meeting is called for April 29, 2020.

Attendance: Brian Cady, Charlene DiCalogero, Danny Factor, Joshua Gerloff, David Keil, David Spanagel.

Roles: Charlene = Facilitator, Josh = Minutes.

Charlene: GRP Bylaws 8.5.8: organize the state committee of 2024.


  1. Appoint (re-appoint) the Secretary of the GRP

Danny nominates Joshua Gerloff to be reappointed Secretary. Charlene seconds.

Votes: Charlene votes yes. Danny votes yes.

Joshua Gerloff is re-appointed as the GRP Secretary.


  1. Appoint (re-appoint) the Treasurer of the GRP

Charlene makes a motion to appoint Brian Cady as Treasurer.

Votes: Danny votes yes. Charlene votes yes.

Brian Cady is re-appointed as the GRP Treasurer.


  1. Call (set the date and time of) the next meeting of StateCom, at which

the new statecom members elected by Regional Convention will be seated

("appointed" in terms of state law), and which will be a telecon/online

orientation/training for all StateCom members.

The next State Committee meeting is called for Wednesday, April 29, 2020 with a tentative time slot of 6-7:30 PM. Consult and adjust the time to 7 or 7:30 PM start?


  1. Adjourn 11:15 AM.

Charlene: Appointing Regional Electeds will happen April 29, 2020.

Danny: Thank you Charlene for Bylaws Research/Organizing and Preparing the Meeting.

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