Stop the Duopoly in Massachusetts by July 30

You can make a difference when two undesirables are vying to wreak more havoc on our nation!


With 10,000 registered voter signatures, there will be a third choice on the November Presidential ballot--the Green-Rainbow Party!

Presidential candidate Jill Stein and her running mate. Gloria Caballero Roca, lead the Green-Rainbow petition

Every hand is needed to collect signatures between now and July 20.  Then, the petitions will be submitted to the appropriate Massachusetts municipality by July 30th.

Signature-gathering is easy.  Do it at your own time and pace.

Cheryl Rosa, our unstoppable campaign leader, explains the process:

  • You can print your own nomination papers (attached), just know they MUST BE PRINTED ON LEGAL-SIZE PAPER, DOUBLE-SIDED to be accepted. 
  • You'll want a clipboard or other hard surface that accommodates the legal paper. A legal clipboard is nice, but anything can work. Signature collector Michael just cut up an old campaign sign!
  • You'll need a separate sheet for each town for which you are collecting. So, plan ahead when you go to a local venue. How many towns will be represented that makes sense for you to collect?
  • Each nomination paper will need to be delivered to a municipal election official in its appropriate town, and then picked up when the signatures are certified. So you have to decide if you want to use a whole sheet to get 1 or 2 signatures from a town that may be difficult to get to.
  • When you have someone ready to sign, I think it's helpful to specifically say while pointing to the appropriate boxes  "please print your name here and your street address here. Everyone on this sheet is from whatever town".  You don't need to put anything in the Ward/Precinct boxes. Leave them empty.
  • It's always a good idea to give the venue a 'heads up' that you'll be collecting outside. It's technically our constitutional right, but if someone is not going to allow it, at most I would share the Sec of State document (attached) then, if they persist, agree not to.  Please remember, you are representing the campaign. Thanks.

For more information, contact Cheryl Rose, [email protected].


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