Stop The Pipelines!

Do you agree that we should stop spending money to expand dirty and dangerous fossil fuel infrastructure in Massachusetts?  Do you feel we should instead invest in energy efficiency and renewable energy?  Then help us stop the pipelines!


Pipeline explosion, San Bruno, CA, 2010

We can have a cleaner, safer energy future by saying NO to fracked gas pipelines.


We oppose the expansion projects for the Spectra pipeline and the Kinder Morgan (Tennessee) pipeline.  Here's why:

• We oppose investments, whether public or private, in expansion of natural gas pipelines in our region.  We feel that such investments should instead be directed toward sustainable energy options.

• We oppose the imposition of electricity rate tariffs on consumers for the purpose of funding fossil fuel infrastructure.  We shouldn't be forced to pay new taxes to support destruction of our environment.

• We support the right of local communities to refuse to permit both fracking operations and pipeline expansions within their borders.  Fossil fuel pipelines are public hazards, not public interest projects, and they should not be advanced by eminent domain or state preemption of community rights.

• We oppose the expanded use of gas produced by hydrofracking techniques due to the adverse environmental impacts of such operations.  We stand in support of the Marcellus Shale communities and others who are fighting fracking.  Massachusetts does not permit hydrofracking and we shouldn't be paying companies to inflict the same environmental damage on others.

• We oppose the lifting of the export ban on natural gas.  (This would increase prices for consumers in New England, produce a surge of carbon pollution, and launch battles over the siting of environmentally damaging LNG terminals.)

• We oppose the use of "high demand" projections of fossil fuel use in order to justify expanding fossil fuel infrastructure.  We insist that state level energy planning ensure that the states transition to a low demand trajectory in which fossil fuel use declines rapidly and no additional pipeline capacity is needed.

• If the two pipeline expansions are approved it will effectively sabotage the Global Warming Solutions Act that calls for 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.  We support a winding down of our dependence on dirty fossil fuels, not major investments in them.

How we are organized:

The Green-Rainbow Party has joined the Green Alliance to Stop the Pipelines (GASP).  GASP is composed of state Green parties in New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts.  Within Massachusetts, alliance work is the responsibility of the Pipeline Alliance Working Group (PAWG).

How you can help:

Join the GRP's Pipeline Alliance Working Group by sending your name, town of residence, and email address to [email protected].  You will then receive email notices of news, meetings, and action events.

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