summer 2016 agenda

9:00   Registration & Credentialing / Refreshments

9:30  Call To Order, Co-Chairs' Welcome 
9:40 Secretary’s confirmation of quorum,  Identify and Confirm Timekeeper, 
          Vibes Watcher, Stacker, and Parliamentarian, seating alternates  if needed, 
           elect new statecom members if any.  
10:00  Approve the day’s agenda. PLEASE REVIEW AND COMMENT AHEAD OF 

10:10 Selection of Fall 2016 State Committee Location, Date and Co-Facilitators (available sat/sun in october: 1/2, 8/9, 15/16, 22/23, 29/30)

10:15 Approval of Spring 2016 State Committee Meeting Minutes  PLEASE REVIEW 
            PRIOR TO ARRIVAL

10:25   Elect Diversity Representatives to AdCom (Note: Adcom is down to 5 members; 2 women, 3 men, with some diversity except for color/racial identify.)
    Approve new chapter representatives to AdCom (if needed)
    Appoint members to GPUS committees (if needed)
    Appoint new StateCom mailing list administrator  (JPF and IJ will check to see if this is still needed.)

10:35  Reports from officers (cochairs, treasurer, secretary)

11:00 Reports from Committees

11:45 Committee meetings - Each statecom member is nominally on two working committees.  DUring this portion of the meeting, members should meet with one of their committees.

12:15  Lunch

1:00  Selection of Electors as required by Massachusetts General Law 53 section 3 which states as follows:

The state committees of the respective political parties at a meeting called for the purpose shall nominate the presidential electors. The surnames of the candidates for president and vice president of the United States shall be added to the party or political designation of the candidates for presidential electors. Such surnames and a list of the persons nominated for presidential electors, together with an acceptance in writing signed by each candidate for presidential elector on a form to be provided by the state secretary, shall be filed by the state chairmen of the respective political parties not later than the second Tuesday of September. Said acceptance form shall include a pledge by the presidential elector to vote for the candidate named in the filing. 

If some one is unable to attend in person in Boston December 19 (first Monday after the second Wednesday), the replacement process is stated in MGL 54 section 138

If the whole number of electors has not been chosen when the electors meet on the date fixed under federal law, or if an elector has died or is then absent, the electors present shall forthwith choose electors from the citizens of the commonwealth to complete the full number.

The form at this link must be filled no later than September 13. Because that is right after the primary, the elections division has requested to help with their work to have it in by September 1, signed by all of our electors.

At the 2015 Summer Meeting: Sunday July 19, the state committee adopted a Presidential Election Plan which on page 9,  "4.2 GRP process for selecting presidential electors":

State Committee shall select the 11 presidential electors of the Party at an official meeting that occurs no later than seventy five days prior to the November presidential election. At this meeting, the state committee shall select, from among nominated party members, eleven (11) presidential electors. Candidates must be nominated by at least two other members. AdCom shall ensure that 11 or more qualified and willing persons are nominated.

Section 5 of the Green-Rainbow Party by-laws defines the preferred process for selecting multiple selections from among a larger number of possibilities. The State Committee must follow this procedure for the selection of the presidential electors. However, “none of the others” will not be a permitted option in this process due to the need to meet submission deadlines.

1:30 Bill Ashley to summarize research on ballot questions, and statecom should decide which questions we support, which we do not, and which we have not opinion on.   Bill's report with details from the platform committee, which was also sent by email, can be found here:

1:50 A short discussion on proposal guidelines - for the new statecom members, and a reminder to continuing members.

2:00 taking up proposals

The results of ranking were:  

  Do you have concerns about the proposal titled "Supporting 2016 Presidential and State Legislative Candidatesl" Do you have concerns about the proposal titled "Taking positions on 2016 Ballot Questions"
total: (w/o abstentions) 9 10
total abstain 1 0
total no 5 7
total yes: 4 3
% yes 44.44% 30.00%
%no 55.56% 70.00%

Since there were more than 2/3 with "no concerns" on the ballot question related proposal, it will go first in an expedited fashion. 

 The Proposal on supporting candidates will follow.

3:30 Committee meetings - Each statecom member is nominally on two working committees.  Drring this portion of the meeting, members should meet with the second of their committees.

4:00 chapter reports

4:30 round robin


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  • Joyce Palmer-Fortune
    commented 2016-07-14 20:20:31 -0400
    Tahnks mike – I added them to the list of committees to report.
  • Michael Heichman
    commented 2016-06-20 13:06:15 -0400
    By the time of the meeting, I hope that the Action and Legislative Committees will have met and will have something to report.

    Hopefully yours,
    Mike Heichman
    Former StateCom Member