Support the 2018 Slate

Each of these candidates has taken the Green-Rainbow pledge not to accept money from the corporations and lobbyists that have kept both Democrats and Repubilcans from being able to priortize people, peace and the planet over profits. Donate to their campaigns today!

Juan Sanchez for Secretary of the Commonwealth

“Now more than ever, Massachusetts needs to ensure fair and equitable elections in a time when our nation seems to be going in different directions.”


Jed Stamas for State Auditor

“As auditor, I will be an independent watchdog, ensuring that the Democrats and Republicans are not playing political games with tax payer money.”

  • Donate via Crowdpac
  • Send checks to:
    • Stamas Campaign Committee
    • PO Box 9514
    • NorthAmherst, MA 01059
  • Follow me on Twitter @AuditGreen


Jamie Guerin for State Treasurer

"We need to shift the power into the hands of the people and communities. Why not invest in ourselves?”


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