The Streets are Green in Portland Today

Wes Rick GRP group at tar sands rallyJan 26, 2013

By Jill Stein

TV footage shows a nice clip of the Green-Rainbow Party contingent at the rally to stop the New England tar sands pipeline. (click here to view)  It includes Rick Purcell and Wes Nickerson leading a chant and carrying our banner.  Green-Rainbows brought Green flags and Maine Greens brought signs saying "Political change, not climate change: Vote Green Party".  People were carrying them all over the parade. Maine Greens also collected hundreds of names and contact info.

Portland Green City Councilor Dave Marshall and I both got to say a few words at the rally before the parade. And I had the honor of speaking at the New England Occupy conference after the rally. People seemed hungry for the Green perspective that we need to stop fossil fuel politics - and the political parties that enable it - if we want to stop the fossil fuel melt down of the climate. And we got a terrific response to our call for peace, forgiving student debt, Medicare for All and a Green New Deal as the real solution - ending climate change and creating an economy for all of us.  

350 New England organized a great rally. Big thanks to all who came out today to make it deeply Green, including the super-powered crowd of UMass Amherst Campus Greens.

Maine Greens and the Massachusetts Green-Rainbows are a dynamite combination in the street. Our message resonated all over the rally. Can't wait to do it again!

See the TV coverage at .

Get ready for the next one!

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